Go Think Big are excited to be able to offer up to £500 for your social action project! We are looking for anyone with an innovative and inspiring idea, which changes the world around them for the better – a project based on making positive changes to both you and your community. We want you to use your funding to help young people who feel isolated or excluded because of their illness or physical or mental disabilities, and explore ways in which they can make friends. We want to tackle the feeling of missing out or loneliness when young people are outside of the school system, are unable to participate in activities, or often have to spend a lot of time in hospital. So if you are aged 15-25, you could be in with the chance of receiving up to £500 funding for your big idea that thinks outside the box! This is an opportunity to gain funding for a great social action idea – an idea which helps society or your community. This could include film, radio, journalism or general media, which also considers using technology to harness your creative vision. If you have a creative and unique project idea, then we want to help you get it off the ground. We are looking to fund the biggest and best project ideas to creatively make your mark. If you have an interest in social action, digital and entrepreneurialism, and would love some help getting an idea from paper to reality, we want to hear from you. Apply today!

Who Should Apply?

Your project can be based around anything from skills workshops, podcasts or journalism pieces, to live events, community initiatives or apps. Let your imagination run wild! We want you to be creative, entrepreneurial and innovative! You can apply as just one person or a group of people, however the project must be lead by a Project Leader who will be responsible for all communications and finances. Participation in the programme will run for 6 months. Your project can take place at any point during these dates, or for the entire duration, depending on the nature of your idea. Your Project must:

  • Have a project leader aged 15-25 who lives in the UK
  • Take place within the UK
  • Be rooted in social action - so it should have an element which benefits your community or young people within it
  • Be realistic, will be completed within 6 months, and achievable with up to £500
  • Consider how digital can be used. This may include, but is not limited to, digital platforms, digital connectivity, digital research or data management. You can use anything from video, to social media, to music software. Options are endless!
  • Consider the use of charities or professionals where appropriate

We won’t fund:

  • Project leaders who have already received funding from Think Big. If you have a big idea, but have already been a Level 1 project leader, we encourage you to team up with a friend who can act as a new project leader
  • Projects which are part of, make a profit for, or fundraise for other charities or causes
  • Projects which require full funding just for equipment
  • Projects which benefit an individual through training, professional fees or salaries
  • Leisure activities, including gig tickets

Apply now!

Want to apply? Click on the link below! The deadline to apply is Sunday 26th August. If you have any questions or queries, please email us at projects@gothinkbig.co.uk.


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