Vlogging Workshop

YouTube is the home of the most influential and powerful individuals, where videos can become an overnight sensation.  From funny videos, advertising, vlogs and even challenge videos, YouTube is an ever-growing platform. Video blogging is an easy, accessible way to get audience to engage and communicate with you. It empowers and equips young people with the skills they need to create video content on important social issues. We’re offering you a workshop to provide you with necessary skills to become a great vlogger.

What is covered:       

  1.         The Spectacle of Social Media
  2.          Practical 1: Shoot a 10 second smartphone video
  3.          Filming protocols: Lighting, Sound and Focus
  4.          Practical 2: Create a promotional video
  5.          Practical 3: Video editing skills
  6.          The What, Why and How of being yourself on camera
  7.          Passion, Purpose and Identity
  8.          The Art of Getting Conversational. Having a point and creating your brand.
  9.          Practical 4: Film a practice video
  10.          Uploading and Safety
  11.          Next steps

Our trainer will be able to offer one on one editing advice for those people interested in attending who have previously attended one of our vlogging workshops.

About the trainer:

Nathaniel Hawley is freelance professional film-maker as well as a successful social entrepreneur, Nat has previously taught vlogging to YouTube staff (Google) and O2, and has created content for BBC, Channel 4, NBC Universal, Discovery Channel and live events.

“Thank you Nat for taking me out of my comfort zone and helping me to redefine visually what my purpose is” – previous workshop participant.


When: Monday 10th December 2018

Time: 6.00pm-8.30pm

Where: Moorgate

Make sure you bring a smart phone!

If you have any questions please contact opportunities@gothinkbig.co.uk

If you are interested in Vlogging, check out our article with Fleur DeForce and learn her vlogging tips! 

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