Environmental issues are already presenting challenges to how we live, but what are we doing about it? Digital technology can help create solutions and lead us to a greener, better world. As a generation, we have the innovation, skills and passion to drive positive change, so we want you to get thinking about the environmental problems we all face, and how digital tech can help solve them.

If you have got an idea to help the environment, such as improving energy efficiency, reducing waste or increasing recycling, and you are aged between 17 and 24, then you could apply for up to £10,000 from The Environment Now to bring your idea to life!

The Environment Now

The Environment Now is an exciting new opportunity from O2’s Think Big that will fund 17-24 years old with a grant of up to £10,000 to create their unique digital ideas to help the environment, such as improving energy efficiency, reducing waste, or recycling.

It is being launched in partnership with the National Youth Agency as part of the Our Bright Future programme. Have a look at our feature for more on what they do!

Why should I apply?

Alongside being awarded a £10,000 grant to complete their projects, successful applicants will also get support from The Environment Now team, their very own mentor from O2 and opportunities from top sustainability partners and industry professionals.

Get in touch with the team for more information at: TheEnvironmentNow@o2thinkbig.co.uk

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