O2 is a leading mobile provider. Over the last six years, we have extended our capability beyond traditional core mobility services to become a single consolidated provider for all IT and communications needs. We work with partners and customers to optimise voice and data networks and remove duplication, preparing customers to face new challenges, such as increasing the number of mobile workers and the move to virtualised services.

We are a leading UK brand supplying fixed and mobile telecommunications, with the scale and resources to manage 25 million customers, 450 thousand business clients and 41,000 retail stores worldwide.

What will I be doing?

This is a two day opportunity to learn about the various functions within Revenue Operations, including but not limited to: Collections, Cash Management, Complex Billing and Revenue Assurance.

This is a great opportunity to learn about operational functions within O2 Finance and is aimed at young adults, who are 16+, who are ready to enter the job market and who just need a little bit of work experience to complete their CV.

The experience will include an overview of O2 Revenue Operations, where we fit within O2 and the strategy we are working towards; time spent on the teams, learning about the day-to-day tasks they carry out, a session with a senior leader, who will share their career progression to where they are now, plus a Q&A session – an activity where the output will be used within Revenue Operations.


The work experience will take place between 26th and 27th September 2017 for two days.

You will be based in the Arlington Business Centre, located in Leeds.

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