The C4 Apprenticeship Programme

Our Apprenticeship programme is designed to provide work experience and a related qualification to people leaving formal education and who have decided to pursue an Apprenticeship rather than attend University.

Our Apprenticeships are full-time, with four days per week spent working in a C4 department and one day per week completing the formal learning parts of the Apprenticeship.  Our Apprentices have external tutors who deliver workshops and seminars to them and offer support throughout the apprenticeship.  It is essential for Apprentices to be able to balance their work and learning time and commit to delivering what is required for the formal learning elements in order to successfully achieve the qualifications on completion.

The formal training provided will consist of workshops, tutorials, webinars, coaching and in some cases residential boot camps. The training is dependent on the qualification your apprenticeship offers and will be explained in detail by the training provider before you officially begin the course. Due to COVID there could be some changes in the way that training is delivered, for example it may be virtually rather than in person. You can read more about the qualification being offered for this apprenticeship below.

Am I eligible to apply?

  • You must be 18 years old or over at the time the scheme starts to apply. There is no upper age limit.
  • You cannot already have a similar qualification at the same or higher level than what is being offered on this apprenticeship. For example, you are not eligible to apply for this role if you have a Marketing related qualification at a Level 3 or higher.


The Pictures Team is responsible for all of Channel 4’s imaging needs. It forms part of the Press & Publicity department, which is responsible for Channel 4’s dealings with the press and wider media. The team supports the department in publicising Channel 4’s programmes across all media platforms by commissioning, editing and supplying high-quality images that reflect the content and values of the programming. 

Working with commissioners, producers, talent and some of the country’s best photographers, the Pictures Team develops ideas and concepts for commissioning shoots on location and in a studio. The team is then responsible for producing, editing and distributing imagery from these shoots, as well as liaising with production companies and studios to acquire programme imagery, and sourcing screengrabs from Channel 4 content. All images are then used to promote Channel 4 programming in the media as well as on the All 4 platform and third-party platforms such as Apple TV, Amazon Fire and Sky. 

This apprenticeship would suit someone who:

  • Wants to pursue a career in content creation
  • Is passionate about photography
  • Has an eye for captivating imagery that tells a story


    • Caption, tag and store non-commissioned images in the team’s asset management system
    • Publish images to press website
    • Manage internal requests for the supply of images
    • Liaise with production companies to obtain non-commissioned images
    • Liaise with and supply images to external picture desks
    • Assist Picture Commissioners in the setting up and attendance of photoshoots, both on location/in studio or in office
    • Assist Picture Editors in manipulating images using picture editing software to meet the requirements of the All 4 platform and external platforms
    • Through in-house training, eventually commission photoshoots for programme publicity


To complete your application please provide a response to the below application questions, you can upload your response to the application questions as an attachment when submitting your application. This can be attached to your application as a PDF or Word document.  

  1. Please outline how you meet the ‘Essential Experience & Skills’ outlined in the Job Description (Max 500 words)
  2. Take a look at the Channel 4 Press website ( to pick an image or a couple of images, and tell us what made them stand out to you. (Max 150 words) 
  3. Tell us about a recent image you saw anywhere that really stood out to you and why? (This image can be absolutely anything and should not relate to Channel 4) (Max 150 words)
  4. As the apprenticeship will involve you balancing a busy job as well as doing a qualification, can you tell us about a time when you have had to display really strong time management skills? (Max 300 words)
  5. Sum yourself up in a tweet (Max 280 characters)


If you are unable to complete a written application form, we want to make the process of applying for one of our opportunities right for you as an individual. If needed we are happy to consider alternative formats of the application form.

For example, you could arrange a phone call with 4Talent for you to speak your answers and a member of the team can scribe, or if you’d like to create a five minute YouTube video/ voice recording, these are also options available. If you have a different alternative, we really welcome your suggestions to ensure you have a fair chance of applying. 

Take a look at our access page for more information, which you’ll find by clicking here. If you would like to apply for an opportunity at 4Talent and we can help to make that process simpler for you, please email us at or call Yasmin Mehmet on 0207 306 5188.


If you need to relocate in order to take up this opportunity, we can offer you support towards the financial costs of moving. This includes a contribution towards your deposit and first months’ rent, plus visits to your new city to look for accommodation.


Location: Leeds

Start Date: 15th March 2021

Application close date: November 1st 2020

Finale interview date: 13th January 2021

Qualification: Level 3 Junior Content Producer 

Length: 15 months

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