LinkedIn. An online, modern day tool helping to connect you with potential employers and providing a more simple way to apply for jobs. But what should they include? What looks professional?

Now is your chance to get a fresh pair of eyes to take a peep and help to spot ways you could improve it to maximise your chances of making the right impression! You will gain valuable advice that could just lead you to landing your dream career.

Why O2?

O2 is a leading technology company – with departments covering marketing, sales, finance, legal, HR, and operations (tech). They have established early-year careers programmes, and the people at O2 get involved with recruitment – so they are well placed to look through your LinkedIn profile and give you some tips and hints to improve it.

Use this great opportunity to get some constructive and positive feedback on how you can maximise your LinkedIn profile to be most effective, directly from people who know what they look for when recruiting.

Simply include your LinkedIn link in your cover letter and we will pass the first 10 applications we receive on to a team at O2 to provide you with some bespoke feedback, so don’t delay!

O2 (Telefonica UK) has signed up to our GoThinkBig Manifesto, download it here