A placement with the Heat fashion and beauty team is fast paced, high energy and really rather exciting, and to top it all off will look great on your CV.

As part of your placement you will be working alongside the editorial assistant, looking after clothing samples that come in and that need to be returned to various PR agencies. This is a big part of working on a style desk, think of all the amazing products you’ll get to see!

As well as that, it can also involve research for fashion and beauty features, finding pricing and stockist information for items being featured in the magazine and lots of other varied tasks depending on your interests and also what is going on in the team during the time you are there.

SKILLS GAINED: You will gain a hearty experience of how a weekly magazine works, knowledge and experience of roles within the editorial team, as well as confidence within a busy working environment.

A good knowledge and passion for all things fashion and style related is important, and this should be shown in your CV and cover letter!


Minimum age: 18

Location: London

Length: 2 weeks

The dates for this opportunity will be agreed upon selection.

Stop right there! If you want the best chance of getting this opportunity, make sure you’ve followed these tips for CV writing, have polished your cover letter and written the best standout known to man (or woman)(or alien).Then come back and hit apply. GOOD LUCK!

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