We’d all like to know the secret to becoming an it blogger – from the initial idea to designing the layout, who doesn’t want to be the ‘internet sensation’ everyone is following and talking about?!

Plus, a blog won’t only get your name and skills noticed, but a personal website can help you along the path to your dream career.

In the UK there are around 2.5 million bloggers, so it comes as no surprise that many media employers do expect applicants to include a personal website link in their cover letters or CVs. Your blog could put you ahead of the game and be the key platform in helping you stand out from other applicants.

Whether you have a particular passion or knowledge for engineering, wine, fashion, beauty, politics, crafts or just any topic that grabs your interest… you can blog about it. Posts don’t always have to just be text either, if you have a particular skill in photography or film-making show it off! This is an opportunity to showcase your talents to the world.

There’s no stopping you from blogging about all of your interests either, or posting about recent experiences that could be of huge benefit to future employers. For example, who you’ve worked with and what skills you have achieved plus it demonstrates how proactive you are. Oh, and your personal website could become your full-time career.

Check out our pick of the top five blogs to give you the inspiration and motivation to give it a go:

1) Sally’s Baking Addiction

Sally, 28, quit her job in the corporate world and transformed her initial passion for baking into a full-time blogging career. Her blog became a source of income eight months after she first hit publish. Her methods to success that spiralled from her blog included publishing an e-book, selling merchandise, bringing business cards to local bake sales, selling goods in local bakeries, private advertising and publishing a recipe book.

2) Jordan’s Beautiful Life

A role model for blogging success is internet sensation, Jordan Bone. When Jordan became paralysed at the age of 15, she turned to her beauty blog to follow her dreams of becoming a makeup artist. Jordan posts regular video tutorials which have helped other young women apply makeup as immaculately as she can. She has proved to young women that whatever circumstance, you should always follow your ambitions (no matter how crazy they may seem).

3) GaryVaynerchuk.com

This loud and charismatic New Yorker gained online fame through video blogging about his obsession with wine. I bet he never thought his blog would allow him build such a successful wine business! Gary Vaynerchuk’s success has led to him being featured in The Wall Street Journal, GQ, and Time Magazine.

4) SEOmoz.org

Rand Fishkin is a college drop-out who started blogging about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). I wonder what if his college teachers predicted this day-to-day blog would transforming Rand into the super-successful owner of a mini-empire. Today, MOZ creates awesome SEO software, as well as supporting a large community with educational resources related to the search industry.

5) Ann Street Studio

This Photoblog was created by two childhood friends, Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg. During the creation of the blog they fell in love and got married. Wow, blogs really are something special. The couple also went on to bigger things and created the modern animation form of photography they named, Cinemagraph.

So… to sum up the secrets to a successful blog, take a look at this handy checklist:


Choose a topic of interest that you are passionate about

• Use your blog as an online diary (during work experience too)

• Don’t be afraid to share your photography and video skills

• Consider the readers you are targeting

• Don’t forget about your blog- keep posting

• Read other blogs for inspiration

• Pick a title- short and memorable

• Decide if you want to blog anonymously or as an alter-ego

• Pick a platform- popular blog tools are blogger and wordpress (check out these platforms for other ways to publicise yourself) 

Want to know the basics of getting money for blogging? Check out this online tutorial, perfect for anyone looking to get a bit of advice on turning their blog into a career…

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