If you haven’t heard already (where have you been?!) we were pretty busy during London Tech Week. We teamed up with our mates at Think Big (they fund young people to start social action projects) to bring you Think Big Digital Week, five whole days jam packed with everything you need to know about digital jobs. On Wearable Wednesday, we turned our attention to wearable tech and headed to the O2 concept store in Westfield London to try the latest smart watches, get immersed in virtual reality, and drop the store’s brand new phones in a bucket of water (yes, really).


So why is wearable tech so important?

Imagine a world where your fridge could send you a selfie when you’re in the supermarket and trying to remember if you have any cheddar left. Or a future where your suitcase could text you when it’s taken off a plane, so that you’re not left standing in baggage claim staring at a straw hat going round and round the conveyor belt and wondering how long to wait until you accept that your baggage is lost. Imagine being able to swallow a teeny tiny piece of tech the size of a pill that could monitor your vital signs and send them to your smartphone. Believe it or not, all of these things are already possible.

Wearable tech is changing lives one smart watch at a time. It’s estimated that 2.2 million jobs in the digital sector will need filling in the next five years, and with wearables becoming an increasingly vital part of everyday life, it’s more important than ever for young people to brush up on their knowledge. If you’re looking for a way to get started, why not check out this Wearable Tech Challenge on the Open Badge Academy. The activities will teach you all the things about wearable tech that you don’t get to learn at school, and is backed up by massive tech brand O2 (so it looks pretty impressive on your CV).

We had a chat with Anthony and Conor, who work as Super Gurus in the O2 concept store, doing everything from fixing people’s phone problems, to getting as many people as excited about tech as possible, to find out why they love working with tech.

“I love inspiring and educating people about tech by showing them how it can benefit them,” Anthony told us.

Conor agreed. “We like working in tech because we can make people’s days easier,” he told us.

wearable wednesday

So, what do you need to succeed in the tech industry? We grilled the gurus…

Problem solving skills: “If you want to work in tech you need to be dedicated enough to help people find solutions,” said Conor.

Curiosity: When it comes to getting hired, Conor told us that O2 look for candidates with a willingness to learn rather than an expert knowledge on everything. With tech constantly changing, Anthony told us: “you have to have the passion to learn about new tech in your own time, and keep that fire going.”

Personality: Anthony told us that when introducing the public to new tech, “people skills” are really important. There’s more to a career in tech than just having the knowledge. Anthony brings positivity to his job at O2 because he combined his passions for music, tech and people.

Conor’s advice? As well as being a techie, “have a personality and the ability to talk to people”.

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