Women aren’t represented very well across the world of music and tech. But one event is aiming to change that…

AlGirlRhythm is an exciting and innovative event in Scotland that blends music, technology and career tips. It’s aimed at young women aged 16-24 and will be happening on 22 Sep 2018 at the O2 Academy Glasgow.

O2 and Go Think Big are bringing it to you with Stemettes, the award-winning social enterprise. The event aims to provide you with skills and confidence which you can combine with your passion for music, gigs and tech, into talents that you can take proudly into the world of work.

Here are five fantastic reasons why you need to get that ticket secured, ASAP…

  1. Women are urgently needed in music and tech

    Like many STEM-related fields, in music tech, the gender gap seems wider than others with one 2016 study suggesting that up to 90% of music technology undergraduates are male.

    Add that to a survey by the Music Producers Guild (MPG) last year estimating that just 6% of its members are women, and stats that report that two-thirds of UK live music acts feature all-male line-ups, and you can see why an event like AlGirlRhythm needs to happen – and why you going along could help shape the industries for the better!

  2. On the day there’s something for everyone

    We spoke to Dr Anne-Marie Imafidon, founder of Stemettes, (which was originally a Go Think Big funded project a few years ago!). She told us, that whether you’re interested in music, songwriting or app building, there is something for you at AlGirlRhythm. “You might not be good at music, but you can work in the tech industry with a love of music and that’s what AlGirlRhythm is about” she said.

    “On the day we have three ‘tracks’ running. The first is called Algo Track and means you’ll go to more technology and industry talks” she explained. “The second is Rhythm Track, which focuses more on music and songwriting, and the third is the Creative Studio, which is all about app building and coding.”                                      algirlrhythm

  3. There are some big names in attendance…

    As Anne-Marie said, the line-up is looking “really exciting”. Not only has she got a panel with people from Universal Music, talking about their journeys into the industry, they’ve got talks from Head of Digital at the world-renowned Abbey Road music studios, who will be explaining the future of music and technology, as well as digital DJ skills from a top artist.

    There’s also urban cycling company, Beryl, who will be coming to explain how engineering and tech are shaping the future of business and a talk from an O2 guru about tech and mobile phones. Sounds cool, right?

  4. You’ll get an idea of the future jobs market

    Not only will you hear from some big names at AlGirlRhythm, but you’ll gain a better understanding of the type of career you want to forge, and the type of jobs that will be available in the future of the tech world. Anne-Marie explained, “I want people to look at the artificial intelligence side of the music industry,  the tech, the sound engineering. The future of music is exciting – there are a lot of jobs that don’t exist yet – so there are jobs that are being created now, that will be a future of the music industry.”

  5. You might get funded for your own big idea…

    All the young women will get the chance to apply for funding from Go Think Big so they can bring a community-focused, musical idea to life. And Go Think Big team members will be on hand to explain how it all works in case you have questions. As Anne-Marie said, the future of tech needs to go beyond simple things that we don’t really need.

    “We want technology to see more of our fundamental problems; we have a lot of problems in the world like ill health, poverty and education” she explained. “But at the moment it feels like people are building apps for their apps’ apps!  Do we need people to bring food to our door quicker? Or can we use tech to bring food to people who don’t have any?  Is tech being used for good?”

    Think you have an idea that can change the world? We want to hear it on the day.

  6. There’s music and free food!

    If there’s one thing better than a day of talks and workshops from industry experts, it’s a jam-packed day that includes free food and live music performances! All attendees will receive a delicious hot dinner and be invited to an evening of music performances when all the learning is done. Careers, food and entertainment – what more could you ask for?

     Get your ticket for Glasgow now!