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In case you haven’t heard, it’s officially Music Month here at Go Think Big. Throughout April, we’ll be bringing all of you aspiring artists and performers exciting opportunities to get one step closer to making it in music, whether you want to meet artists and get their advice or get funding to start a music project in your community. At the end of the month we’ll be closing applications for an INCREDIBLE music and performance masterclass with Ultimate Artists. Take a look below to find out why you NEED to be there…

1. It will be a pressure-free intro to the music industry

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“When you think of the music industry, it’s quite daunting right?” said Sheena, Artistic Director at Ultimate Artists. “It brings about all kinds of insecurities and perhaps this feeling of not being good enough, but at Ultimate Artists we’ve worked hard to create an environment where you can feel safe and free to express yourself without judgement and make mistakes. It’s through making mistakes that we learn!” Not only will the masterclass let you work on your mad vocal skills, you’ll also come out of it feeling way more confident.

2. You’ll work with industry leaders

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On the day you’ll meet vocal coach Joshua Alamu. He’s previously worked on The Voice and coaches Little Mix! “When you have the opportunity to be coached by professionals like ours who are already working with the likes of Little Mix, Louisa Johnson, Fleur East, Sia and so many more, why would you want to go anywhere else?” said Sheena. “These people are really at the heart of the music business, so who better to learn from, and network with, than those already in the industry that you want to go into?!”

3. You’ll learn how to build your brand

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The phrase ‘personal brand’ gets thrown around all the time, but what does it actually mean and why is it so important? Sheena, the Artistic Director at Ultimate Artists will take you through everything in a session on how to build your brand and make it work for you.

4. You’ll get the chance to do it for another ten days!

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After the masterclass, a few lucky attendees will be invited to audition for a scholarship place on Ultimate Artists’ 10 day music masterclass (it will run from 11th – 20th August, and you’ll need to be available for all ten days!)

“This opportunity is special because we give a 360 look at the music industry,” explained Sheena. “You get to sing, write, produce, record the Ultimate Artists single and perform whilst working with some of the most sought after experts in the music business. And as intense as it is, it’ll be the most amount of fun you have all year round. Guaranteed!”

5. The experience is tailored to what you want to achieve


“We only want to see you succeed and success is so individual,” Sheena told us. “Success for you might mean attempting to write a song when you’ve never written before, or recording vocals in a studio, getting on stage and performing having overcome all the nerves that come with stepping onto a stage in front of an audience. Whatever you want your success to be, I know that Ultimate Artists will enable you to get closer to it. It’s all about encouraging each other to reach their highest potential so just believe in yourself and apply. We can’t wait to meet you!”

So what is Sheena looking for in an ideal candidate?

“I think that talent is a given, but what we’re looking for goes far beyond that,” she told us. “We want to see people’s characters; how they deal with pressure and stress, their attitude towards their peers and mentors, their willingness to go beyond their comfort zones to discover what they’re really capable of, and to really show that they value the opportunity in front of them. So come prepared to give it your all. Our strapline is ‘It’s More than Music’ and we mean it.”

To apply for our masterclass with Ultimate Artists, click here.

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