Let’s be honest, Rachel Green had her fair share of ups and downs when it came to her career. While she initially couldn’t master the art of making coffee, she ended up being a career inspiration to us all. To mark the 20th anniversary of Friends (yes, it’s been that long!), we’re taking you on a journey of Rachel’s most memorable career moments, pinned together with our tips.

STAGE ONE: Getting a ‘job’

We were first introduced to Rachel in a soaking wet wedding dress after fleeing her wedding. She cut up the credit cards that promised financial support from her father and immediately found work as a waitress. Pouring coffee and taking orders didn’t come easily, and she frequently enjoyed long breaks with friends while on shift as well as mistaking her pencil for a cinnamon stick.

TIP: Think of your student loan or pocket money as Rachel’s financial support: when that’s gone, you’ve got to fend for yourself. Even if you aren’t in love with your job, turn up on time and don’t go taking a two-hour break - you may need a reference in the future.

STAGE TWO: Starting at the bottom

Season three saw Rachel quit Central Perk to pursue a career in fashion. With help from Joey, she found a job as a personal assistant at Fortunata Fashions. And what does she end up doing on her first day? Making coffee for her new boss.

TIP: Quitting her job to pursue fashion was Rachel’s best career decision. You should never lose sight of your dream job, and remember that everyone starts at the bottom so don’t feel devalued if you’re making cups of tea.

STAGE THREE: Unexpected events

After meeting Mark from Bloomingdale’s at the Moondance Diner, Rachel gets a job as an assistant buyer. In an unexpected chain of events, Mark resigns, her boss dies, Rachel’s department gets shut down, and she’s demoted to personal shopper.

TIP: As with anything, circumstances out of your control may have negative effects to your career. Everyone will have ups and downs, but it’s how you deal with it that counts.

STAGE FOUR: Bad interviews

Moving on to Ralph Lauren, everyone will remember the moment(s) Rachel royally screwed up her interview. You know, the interview she took three times. She kissed her interviewer, mistook his gesture to remove the ink of her lip as an invite for another kiss, and ‘missed’ his hand when going in for a shake. And after all that, she still got the job.

TIP: Job interviews won’’t always go perfectly. Prepare as much as you can but don’t be disheartened by tricky questions or situations – they are there to learn more about you. Most importantly, reacting well to an embarrassing disaster will show the type of person you are.

STAGE FIVE: Promotion

Impressed by Rachel’s hard work and passion for fashion, Ralph Lauren promoted her to merchandising manager. This job gave her an assistant, but she goes against her gut instinct and employs a handsome young man with no experience ahead of a woman who can clearly do the job. To make matters worse she’s later fired after her boss overhears an interview for a job at Gucci.

TIP: Showing you’re dedicated, hard-working and passionate will pay off. But if you want to get ahead, distracting work with love might set you off on the wrong track. Oh, and ensure future interviews aren’t held in public/popular places.

STAGE SIX: “I got off the plane”

Rachel is offered a well-paid job in Paris with Louis Vuitton. Ross begs her to stay, and after saying no and jetting off to Paris, the infamous final episode sees Rachel going back to Ross and taking up her role at Ralph Lauren again, but this time on a higher salary.

TIP: Moving away to pursue your career is common, and if you’re passionate, you’re probably willing to relocate. Make sure you have family and friends to call on if you need a familiar voice, and ensure you know the job is the one if you’re going to be moving afar.

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