Great news! We’ve teamed up with the Tech Partnership, a network of employers who are working to create skills for the UK’s digital economy. Their ambition is to create enough skills for a million people to have tech jobs by 2025. Now, we’re working together to get you guys clued up on the benefits of digital apprenticeships and the huge range of digital careers you could have if you chose to do an apprenticeship.

Tech can be a teeeeny bit mind-boggling at the best of times. So when it comes to looking at the tech jobs out there, it’s hardly surprising that that can be confusing too. That’s why we decided to do a bit of digging to find out what being an IT Technician really means.

When you’re at home and you hear a family member scream from the other room about the Wi-Fi going down, chances are you’ll be the one summoned to get the house back in order. If this is you then you are already an IT Technician! Well, nearly.

As an IT Technician you’ll be trusted with installing and maintaining computer systems, provide technical support, fix connection issues, update mobiles and teach their clients the basic skills they need to operate newly installed programs. Sound familiar?


Sources: National Careers Service,  Office of National StatisticsTech Partnership factsheets.

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