If you’re interested in web design and development, you’ll probably be interested to find out how the two interns we recruited for Telefónica UK (known as O2 in the UK) got on when they worked on the company’s corporate social responsibility report. Kyle and Patricia applied for the internships through our opportunities pages and have just completed their time working with branding agency Lambie Nairn on the O2 report.

Patricia Lefebure was chosen for the designer internship and was given the job of deciding what the report was going to look like and the opportunity to be really creative with it. “I had to follow some guidelines and Lambie Nairn helped me when I had questions but they let me do what I felt was the best for the sustainability report,” she says.

Kyle Macquarrie landed the developer internship and took time out of his summer break from his degree in Digital Interaction Design at the University of Dundee. He said that it was great that his internship meant he was working on an actual project – not just making tea. Kyle was responsible for coding and creating the website where Telefónica UK’s CSR report will appear and making Patricia’s designs a reality.

“The designs that they came up with were fairly complex so it was quite challenging,” Kyle says. “They would give me an image of what they had designed and I’d have to work out how that was going to work and sometimes I would have to say this isn’t going to work. But I think we got most of it in the end. It’s just the complexity of design and the number of pages that we had to do that was the biggest challenge.”

Working on the project was a good opportunity to learn and both Patricia and Kyle said that they came away having learnt a lot. “The biggest thing I’ve learnt is how to work with a big team of people because when I’ve done freelance work or work for university it’s one or two people that you’re working with,” Kyle says. “Whereas here it was a case of having to go through managing the relationship with the client and the design director overseeing it and then once I’d built it, it had to be tested. And working out that process was really quite interesting. If I had an issue with something I couldn’t just phone a client and say ‘this isn’t going to work’, I had to go up the chain and work it out.”

Patricia and Kyle’s work will be available for everyone to see once it’s gone live on the Telefónica UK website. But that’s not the only thing that they’ve gained from this internship – they both said that working with international branding agency Lambie Nairn was a great opportunity. They were both mentored and guided through the project by experts from Lambie Nairn, which they both said would be really helpful for their future careers.

Patricia’s currently finishing her dissertation for her Branding, Communication and Culture Master’s degree and hopes to land another internship within the design industry. “I really love what I’ve done and I’m one hundred per cent sure that’s what I want to do so I’m looking for something quite similar,” she says.

Kerry Snelling from Telefónica UK was responsible for choosing the interns for the project and worked on the report with them. “We weren’t easy on them – these were paid positions for a real project and we needed them to deliver work of the standard we expect,” she says. “It was key for us that they led on the project – they certainly weren’t here to make tea and do the photocopying. Not just because we wanted them gain as many skills as possible and have a really rewarding experience, but also because we wanted the benefit of their ideas.”

Telefónica UK (or O2, if you prefer) advertise all of their internships with us, so check out the opportunities pages if you think you’d like to get some experience with them. And if you’re interested in all things digital and web development related, join in the GoThinkBig Digital Exchange. Or if you’re interested in getting some experience in web design check out this opportunity to work on this very site.