The pubs are full, the gum shields are out in full force, and the boys are back on the pitch. That’s right: it’s officially RBS 6 Nations season! So to celebrate, we’re bringing you lot the chance to shadow O2′s Events Team on match days at Twickenham. If you’re lucky enough to be selected to shadow, you’ll get to go behind the scenes at O2′s blueroom, where O2 make match days extra special for O2 customers and England fans before the big game gets started. Ellie’s already been there, done that, got it on her CV. So we caught up with her to find out what the shadowing experience was really like…

Hey Ellie! Why did you apply for this opportunity?

“I applied because I’m looking for as much experience in every area of the events industry as I can get!”

Amazing! So what sort of stuff did you get up to on the day?

“I spent the day shadowing Olivia from O2. She introduced me to people from all the other teams working there too, who also told me about their jobs. After running me through the schedule, my main task was to assist in any way I could and get involved with jobs people were doing on the day. Olivia was very friendly and helpful, she let me get involved in a lot of things during the day. The rest of the team were very welcoming as well and encouraged me to ask them any questions I had so I could get the most out of the day and learn about all the different aspects that go into the event. My favourite part was helping with the games Vernon Kay was hosting on the stage. They were just completely random games that members of the audience got up on stage to compete against each other in and were a lot of fun to watch!”

Did you get to meet Vernon Kay?!

“I did meet Vernon Kay! He was really easy to work with because he does it all the time so he knows what he’s doing and gets on really well with everyone in the team. He did get carried away during one of the games where he gave away a whole wad of free drink vouchers to one man!”

Putting your celeb encounters to one side, do you think this opportunity will help you get a job in the future?

“I think it will help me going forward with my career because it was quite a different event to what I’ve experienced before. I’m glad I got to try something a bit different! The team were doing a lot of new things on the day (like broadcasting to Facebook live and filming a promo video) so it was quite hectic and I enjoyed being in that environment. It made everything more exciting but it all still ran very smoothly.”

So would you encourage other people to apply for this opportunity?

“Definitely! It’s a unique experience and a lot of fun. From speaking to people on the day I realised that it’s not easy getting a job in that team, so to just have a day shadowing them was an amazing opportunity. I’d recommend it not only to people who want to work in events, but also to people who want to work in TV as well because a lot of filming happens on the day. There’s a whole production office and you’ll meet a lot of people who are involved in the filming and broadcasting in some way because it’s such a big team!”

To apply to work shadow O2 at the RBS 6 Nations, click here.

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