You’ve practised your job interview spiel over and over, so don’t let yourself down on the little details of your outfit. That’s right; the small elements of your clothes all add up, and they could really affect whether you get that job…

If you make a great first impression appearance-wise, you’re going to feel a lot more confident when you open your mouth, so make sure you’ve got the following basics covered:


A big one, this, and so often overlooked. Basically, if you’re a man, the hem of your trouser leg should stop at the top of the soles of your shoes. If you’re a woman and wearing heels, the trouser hem should stop just before the floor. If you’re a woman and wearing flats, your trousers should cover most of the shoe but, again, not drag on the ground. Got that? Print it out and frame it to prevent all future ankle-swinging situations.


Scuffed brogues, worn down heels, dog-eared laces: sort them all out. If you’re interviewing for a cool job where everyone wears jeans, no shoes and ironic slogan tee shirts, turning up in battered, old converse still doesn’t put across the right message because you need to look like you tried. You need to look like you care about getting the job. So wear nice converse.


“I’m responsible, reliable and my boobs are out.” This is what an interviewer will hear, regardless of what you say, if your shirt is gaping at the chest buttons, exposing your, er, chest buttons. Buy a shirt that’s one size bigger and have it taken in at the waist. Can’t afford tailoring? Take it in yourself. Get your parents to do it. Get Lilian from next door to do it, whatever, just don’t get your breasts out in a job interview. Men, if your tummy is straining against the buttons when you breathe out, this is just as unprofessional. Get a new, bigger one. Oh, and make sure you’re not wearing a stripy shirt with a pinstripe suit because you’ll look like a dodgy car dealer.


Very simple and gender neutral: if your belt loops are showing, wear a belt. Without one you look unfinished and like you forgot.


You’ll be shaking, gesturing and emphasising them throughout the interview, so have them nail varnish and pen mark free. Nobody wants to walk out and notice “CAT FOOD” scrawled in red biro on the back of their left hand – job interviews are stressful enough without having to worry about that sort of stuff. No matter how great your cat is. Oh and probably leave your mood ring/festival wristbands at home too; your potential employer doesn’t need to know you went to Latitude in 2007 and are currently feeling “jealous”.

Follow these rules and you’ll not only look snappy, but also like you’ve got your life together. Now check out these job interview tips, make sure you’ve got the “So.. do YOU have any questions for ME?” curveball sorted and best of luck!

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