I think we’re all aware that jobhunting is a pain in the unmentionables, but when you’re at a bit of a low ebb, you sometimes need to chill out and watch/read our pick of the most uplifting (and relevant) entertainment..

FILM: Up In The Air

What’s it about? George Clooney is Ryan Bingham, a man whose job is his life. In fact, he conducts lectures about how to cut everything out of your life except your job. Because he’s a proper good laugh.

Why it’s good when you’re jobhunting: Needless to say, this way of life bites him in the arse when he starts to discover that – and listen up everyone – there is a lot more to life than a job. Yes, it’s obviously important to be making money, but you need all the other stuff too! A valuable lesson when you’re unemployed and believe everything will be perfect once you’ve got that 9-5.

BOOK: The Intern, Dillon Khan 

What’s it about? An intern trying to make it in the music industry has six months to prove himself and land a permanent job. In the meantime, he gets a backstage pass to the gig of his dreams and has to capture it on camera. Will he screw it up? Will he get the job? ARGH STRESS.

Why it’s good when you’re jobhunting: If you’ve ever interned for anyone within the music industry, or indeed any creative industry, you’ll empathise hugely. Also, as Jay the intern learns from his mistakes, you will you – with the added bonus that it’s a good read. So you’re enjoying yourself while learning. Killer combo.

FILM: Mrs. Doubtfire

What’s it about? Robin Williams wants to see his kids so dresses up as a middle aged Scottish woman and poses as a nanny in order to be close to them.

Why it’s good when you’re jobhunting: If you’re really desperate for work, you could dress up as a middle-aged Scottish woman and pose as a nanny. Also, there’s a great bit where he sets his false boobs on fire. Alright, it’s just a classic film and I wanted to include it.

BOOK: The Alchemist, Paolo Coehlo 

What’s it about? An Andalucian shepherd leaves his tiny village to go to Egypt in search of treasure. No wait, come back, it’s actually a charmingly written metaphor for following your dreams/being afraid to just go for it. And has sold more than 30 million copies worldwide.

Why it’s good when you’re jobhunting: Being scared of failure is quite a big sticking point when you’re constantly getting rejected by people left, right and centre. Essentially, this lovely little book hinges on the idea that everyone knows what they want to do deep down, but are often scared to a) admit it and b) struggle for it. But what’s worse: being comfortable and bored, or being challenged and doing what you always dreamt of? Cracking, inspiring stuff.

(big thanks to @punit_88 for tweeting us this suggestion!)

FILM: Any a) Disney Film b) ultra-violent film involving zombies c) apocalyptic bonanza where the world explodes

What’s it about? Nostalgia and happiness/serious bloodshed and fear/all life as we know it being exterminated on a mass scale.

Why it’s good when you’re jobhunting: a) Because it’s pure escapism and, y’know, who can be upset about a job when ERIC NEEDS TO JUST KISS HER WHY HAVEN’T YOU KISSED HER YET THE CRAB KEEPS GOING ON ABOUT IT LISTEN TO THE CRAB, b) because at least you’re not contending with dead things trying to eat you and c) because if you feel like it’s the end of the world, it’s not. At least there are employers out there to be rejected by. No but seriously, applying for a job is a lot easier than inserting a nuclear bomb into the sun. Or getting hit in the face by magma. Or trying to punch a meteor away from earth. Or being an actor and having to try and make the dialogue in 2012 look realistic.

(thanks to the lovely @ally_pops for flagging up Disney movies. Always hits the spot)

BOOK: Down and Out in Paris and London, George Orwell

What’s it about? An autobiographical account of when George Orwell essentially had no money so got kicked out of most houses in Paris, eventually ending up homeless in London. Well written, fascinating observations of life when you’re really, truly down and out.

Why it’s good when you’re jobhunting: Sure, things are pretty bad but at least you’ve got a bed. And you can have regular showers. And occasionally find change down the sofa for the odd Freddo/Chomp. Seriously, though, this is a heartening read considering we all know George Orwell ended up doing fairly well for himself.

FILM: The Pursuit of Happyness

What’s it about? A down-and-out Will Smith tries to provide for his adorable son (after losing his wife, his job and his house), by getting an internship and fighting off 19 competitors for the position.

Why it’s good when you’re jobhunting: Look, he’s homeless and he comes up with all sorts of mega creative ways to stand out and nail that job. Whether he gets the job or not (we’re not giving it away OK) this film is packed with tips on how to cope when you’re really struggling. You can do this!

(credit to @shanstarmedia and @aathiracjxx for pointing this one out to us!)

BOOK/FILM: Bridget Jones’s Diary, Helen Fielding 

What’s it about? Have you been underground for the last decade? OK, fine, a wannabe journalist keeps a diary while navigating a life of unsuitable men, too much wine and accidentally flashing her bottom on camera to the whole country. And while it’s thought of as “a book/film for chicks, yeah” my dad saw it and laughed a lot which means it’s gender neutral.

Why it’s good when you’re jobhunting: Quite simply, you can make mistakes and do all the wrong things, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a great job. And it doesn’t mean you’re a waste of space. (Thanks @helenseb for suggesting this one!)

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