There are buzzwords and qualities potential employers are looking for; Adzuna looked through around 500,000 job ads and found that not only does a good attitude overrule skills and experience, but that some skills are on the rise… so whack them on your CV. 

Stop worrying about your dodgy degree/lack of degree

Less than 10% of the adverts ask for post-school qualifications, but over half want “organised”, “motivated” and “flexible” candidates. Concentrate on your personality, and link that into why you’d, practically, be the best for the position. 

Be a problem solver

There’s a huge demand for “self-starters” and “problem-solvers” so make sure you push that to the fore on your cover letter; is there a gap you could fill? Something the company could do better that you can help with? Let them know.

Don’t underestimate your skillset – Twitter counts!

The most sought after skills range from InDesign, C++ and Javascript to LinkedIn and Twitter; if you’ve mastered something, make sure you include it. Also (and we’ve been saying this for ages) it’s more important than ever to have some form of digital skill; whether that be coding, java or PHP, so have a think about adding this to your repertoire. SEO is so hot right now. 

Don’t worry about your previous experience too much

While just 19 per cent of ads call for past experience, the words “previous experience” trumps any specifics; you don’t need to have done 4 years in the field to apply. If you have school or uni-based experience that fits, then jazz it up and stick it in. Attitude and passion count for much more than a heaving CV. 

Know what qualities they want to see

The survey identified ten of the most used and so, you’d presume, most wanted qualities in an employee. So if you’re a dynamic, innovative, flexible, passionate, committed and organised motivator with excellent communication skills and a proven track record, you’ll be fine. Otherwise, be sure to demonstrate you’re as many of the above things as possible (hint: you’re all of them. If unsure, look harder.)

Get yourself a LinkedIn profile, if you haven’t already. And a Pinterest. 

The most mentioned social media outlet is, unsurprisingly, LinkedIn with Twitter in second place, Facebook in third and Pinterest making fourth. Which was a bit of a shock, but hey, it’s all good. Companies are expanding, and they’re looking to connect with their audience all the time; if you can convince a company they need a Pinterest, you may just find yourself with a job. So get pinning. 

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