If you’re a self-respecting Star Wars fan – that hasn’t been lacking an internet connection for the last two weeks – then you’ll know that Disney has nabbed the rights to the franchise in what is essentially a licence to print money. And no, we mean real money, not Disney Dollars.

Bearing this in mind, GoThinkBig has pulled together some expert advice on what to do if your company is bought out by  the evil galactic empire  an outside company.

1) First things first

“First, calm down and stop panicking, instead focus your energies on what is within your control. In any situation like this a company has a legal obligation to look after their employees and ensure any changes take place in accordance with their employment contract and the Employment Rights Act 1996. So now is a good chance to dig out your employment contract and re-familiarise yourself with your legal rights or check out the Citizens Advice Bureau at www.adviceguide.org.uk

2) Prepare yourself

“It’s a good idea to also prepare yourself emotionally and practically for any of the possible outcomes that may come about from any upheaval at work. Make a list of possible ‘what ifs’ and then work through each scenario and list any practical steps that you can take now, that will help you. If you were to be let go, is your CV ready to be presented to recruitment agencies or potential employers? Have you built a strong professional network that can recommend you to other employers or even offer you employment themselves? Make sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date and attend industry networking events to strengthen your connections outside your current company.

3) Is this the opportunity you’ve been waiting for?

“Is this an opportunity to forge ahead with your career within the new structure? Make sure you keep abreast with company changes by keeping up to date with both internal company press releases and external news. Also be aware of changes to leadership and make sure you communicate with the new bosses moving in, your eagerness to continue working with the company. If you are prepared to be flexible in terms of your role, working hours, or even location, ensure the people who need to know, understand this. Invite them for an informal coffee, or engineer a meeting by the water cooler. This could just be the shake up that opens up an exciting new opportunity for you in a new country!

4) Keep up the pace

Ensure you over-deliver in your day job. No one wants to work with a diva who throws their weight around and starts making demands, especially when they only do the bear minimum as outlined in their job description, whereas no business ever wants to lose their rising stars – hard work, creativity, passion and enthusiasm rarely go unrewarded, regardless of whether your career path remains with your current employer or if this opens up a new world of possibilities.

Nicola Cook, is a professional speaker, best selling author and Director of Aurora Consulting. Her book, A New You – the small changes that make the biggest difference to your life is out now and available on Amazon. www.nicolacook.com