Does what you wear to an interview actually make any difference to your chances of bagging the job? Obviously choosing your outfit shouldn’t be the most important part of your interview prep, but showing up in your fave torn jeans and band t-shirt combo probably isn’t going to do you any favours…

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Shruti Sanghavi  is the senior recruitment advisor at O2 and she says black. blue and grey are professional colours that look good on anyone. Her colleague Lauren Gleadhall agrees, saying “I would expect a man to turn up for an interview in a grey or black suit with smart shoes”. But apparently the rules are different for women: “I don’t think colour is as much of an issue for women. As long as the outfit is smart and there were no fluorescent colours,” she explains.

We spoke to career coach Debbie Fisher to give us her tips for interview dressing. “The main priority is to feel good in what you are wearing.  If you feel uncomfortable or you are self conscious about your clothes, it will distract you from the important things you are saying,” she says. “These perceptions on colours will be emphasised or reduced depending on how much you wear. Head-to-toe canary yellow will provoke a much stronger reaction than yellow accessories with a dark suit.”

Here is her guide on what certain colours say about you:


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