Great news! We’ve teamed up with the Tech Partnership, a network of employers who are working to create skills for the UK’s digital economy. Their ambition is to create enough skills for a million people to have tech jobs by 2025. Now, we’re working together to get you guys clued up on the benefits of digital apprenticeships and the huge range of digital careers you could have if you chose to do an apprenticeship.

It’s still one of the best kept secrets out there, but gradually more and more students are getting to hear about the new way to work for a great company, earn a salary, and gain a degree all at the same time and all with no student loan to repay!

If you’re interested in a digital or tech career, we’ve got good news: the tech industry has created a special digital degree apprenticeship, accredited by the Tech Partnership, called the BSc Digital & Technology solutions degree apprenticeship.

Radhika is employed by Capgemini and attends University at Aston University. Hear what she has to say on what a Degree Apprenticeship is actually like and what to expect…

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