Ever wondered what really goes on at Sky HQ? Sabrina found out when she completed work experience with their Customer Service team. We caught up with her to find out what she got up to, and why you should follow in her footsteps and apply…

“I applied just so that I could get as much practical experience as possible,” Sabrina told us. “Not only did Sky offer us experience in customer service at the call centre, but they also offered us tips and ideas on how we could do well in any jobs we might want to apply for in the future, how to write a good CV and how to write a good cover letter.”

“I was shadowing the customer team, who sell their TV products,” Sabrina explained. “I also completed a variety of tasks in the customer service department, like coming up with new ideas and improvements which could be made to the quality of customer service. I also attended various workshops with different managers from different departments, and listened to presentations on operational changes. Plus, I also pitched the Sky IQ service in front of other trainees and the manager and got to observe the making of news programmes.”

“When you’re applying for a job, most of the time you get lots of refusals, maybe not because there is something wrong with what you write, or what you do, but because there are bits and pieces you’re not getting right,” said Sabrina. “So having had the right people from the industry explaining to you how it needs to be done, I’m really, really grateful for the opportunity”.

“Before, I was actually struggling to know where to search for work experience,” she told us. “I’d recommend people to apply for work experience at Sky if they’re interested in working there, or working at any other TV company,” she added. “Go for it, it will provide you with an idea of what you actually want to do in the future!”

We asked Sabrina for her tips for wowing people on work experience…

Be punctual: “Be on time, never be late, it’s very important”

Be curious: “Ask as many questions as you want, there is nothing wrong with asking questions. That’s what you are there for, you are there to learn!”

Be passionate: “If there are any questions you might get to answer, just raise your hand and answer the question. Show that you are really, really interested in that area”.

Follow up: “I think it’s always important on the last day of your work experience to approach the person who’s been assisting you, or the person who’s been in charge and explain how important it is to you to get a job in the industry and ask if there’s any way of getting even more experience.”

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