A big group of amazing young people made up the GoThinkBig crew last week on the set of Rizzle Kicks’ new video ‘Lost Generation’, after we teamed up with O2 and Rizzle Kicks to offer work experience opportunities. While we were on set we caught up with some of them to find out what they were up to and what they had learnt through the experience.

Esrael Alem was shadowing the behind the scenes video director on set so he got to have some fun seeing everything that was happening on set, hanging out with the crew and helping create a video of it all. Esrael just finished a degree in media practice at London College of Communication, which he chose to end after two years so that he can start working in the film industry – he’s already made a music video with his friend for L.A.C. on Warner Chappell, which you can see here. “It was just our first go at something, but it was us making the mistakes, and not someone else telling us we’d done it wrong and I think it helped us grow,” he said. “We delivered it to them in January and in March they approached us for another video.”

On set though, Esrael wasn’t just working with the director of the behind the scenes video – he was getting stuck into every single task that he could. “I’ve been trying to do everything I can,” he said. “A lot of people here are worried about trying to impress, but it’s not really about that. I think if you put the whole GoThinkBig project to the side and just see it as a music video and you’re a runner or whatever and your aim is to help them produce the best product.”

Even in the middle of all that work – clapper loading, moving cables, camera work, and everything else in between – Esrael still managed to grab Jamie Thraves (the director of the ‘Lost Generation’ music video) and come away with some invaluable advice. “I’ve learnt how to communicate with people who commission videos, there’s certain aspects of communicating an idea that I didn’t know about or how to do it,” he said. “I had a conversation with Jamie about how to communicate my ideas, and he explained to me that you don’t need to write ten pages or twenty pages of everything little thing that’s going on if you have a clear concise paragraph that will get you a job. So it’s made me see it in a new light.”

That’s not the only thing Esrael said that he learnt through the shoot either. He also said that he learnt loads about how big budget productions work and how different they are from the small budget videos that he’s previously worked on. “When it comes to working on a three grand video I wouldn’t have to think about building sets or having trailers for your cast. I would have a pub next door or something,” he said. “But then when you see it, you go ‘oh, it actually takes people to do it.’ It’s helped me see it more clearly now. I’ve been able to see what you need to be able to produce an end product like that.”

Probably the most important thing that Esrael learnt through his time on set is that he’s doing alright so far. He said that watching Jamie direct the video was great because he could see how he was interacting with the rest of the crew and how he was doing things. Esrael said that it put him at ease and has encouraged him to continue what he’s doing and carry on with it.

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