Great at writing? Hate the idea of unpaid internships, temporary contracts and the prospect of never being able to get on the housing ladder? Love a rant? You’re in luck. We’re on the hunt for a new blogger to be the voice of Go Think Big.

Go Think Big is an organisation run by young people, for young people. (That’s why most of our team are in their twenties and the kind of people that eat Pringles for breakfast and test out the microphones we use for important events by doing a quick bit of karaoke). We want to represent your thoughts, opinions and voices and make people listen. That’s why we’re looking for an aspiring writer to blog for us.

Who we’re looking for

The ideal candidate is someone who’s out there on the front lines facing the tough bits (and the brilliant bits) of being young in the UK and trying to climb the carer ladder. We want someone who’s willing to write about how it feels to be in your position, whether you’re covering unemployment, politics or mental health.

Your blog needs to be focused on employment, careers and advice (the kind of things you see us writing about on the website already!). It should be themed around a particular angle or come from a specific point of view. For example, perhaps you’re a young single mum who’s desperately trying to balance parenting with getting on the career ladder, or an unemployed graduate who’s sick of living at home, or an aspiring entrepreneur trying to make their fortune… anything like that is right up our street, as long as it’s packed with funny anecdotes, emotional insight and useful advice. The most important thing is, you will have enough original ideas to write lots of great blog posts.

We need someone to write six blog posts for us over three months. You’ll get paid £80 per blog post and your work will be shared on our website, newsletter and social platforms.

This. Is. Amazing. But don’t Just Take It From Us…

this is the best

Freelance Journalist Stevie Martin started out as a blogger at Go Think Big, and has since gone on to write for heaps of magazines and websites.

“I used to blog about money saving tips for Go Think Big and it was my first ever writing job,” she told us. “When you’re a journalist, it’s all about getting published – wherever, whatever – and from the moment I started blogging, I had work I could show people. From that, I ended up getting a job as a staff writer, and then moved over to The Debrief where I worked my way up to commissioning editor – and now I freelance for publications like Elle, Cosmo and Refinery29 to name a few. It’s all down to blogging for GTB! In fact, just last week Cosmo commissioned me to write a feature for the careers section, because of the work I’d done for Go Think Big.”

Erica Buist‘s blog ‘How To Be Jobless’ was a huge hit on Go Think Big too. Now, she’s a Features Writer at the Guardian.

“It would be tough to overestimate how much blogging for GTB helped me,” Erica told us. “They found me on Twitter, anonymously tweeting out jokes about being unemployed in a job crisis. My blog How to Be Jobless was doing OK, but once I started blogging for GTB I got a real following. I would go as far as saying it got me my job at the Guardian, because it made me a candidate who was writing for an under-reported section of society – not to mention that thanks to the GTB community my post about the interview process basically went viral. Hundreds of people I didn’t even know were tweeting things like, ‘GUARDIAN: HIRE THIS PERSON!’”

“I’m not saying blogging for GTB guarantees you a hoard of supporters campaigning for you to get your dream job (though the precedent has been set, just sayin’) – but even without that perk, a regular deadline is the surest way to improve your writing. If, like me, blogging happens to be the only real journalism work you have as you try to chisel your way into the industry, it also stops you going mad. Before GTB, I was made redundant from a shitty startup in Thailand. I didn’t have a job, and because of some careless luggage loss and SE Asia’s relaxed attitude to footwear, I didn’t have shoes. I didn’t have a job OR SHOES.  I started blogging for GTB in June 2013 and now I write for the Guardian and, sorry to brag, but I have two pairs of shoes. Nail polish emoji.”

Think you’re up to the task?

To apply, you’ll need to submit a CV, cover letter (including a 500 word example blog post, and two more feature ideas) and a 100 word standout which explains why you’re the perfect fit to be the voice of Go Think Big.

Once we’ve looked at everyone’s applications, we’ll be picking three favourites. The three shortlisted applicants will get their blog posts published on Go Think Big and then a public vote will decided who gets the job.

Ready? Click here to apply. 

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