If you’ve ever walked into a supermarket or phone shop, travelled by plane or train, or well, had any interaction with just about any company, you’ll have most likely seen the magazines that they produce. You know what we’re talking about, the ones that you flick through on a flight so you don’t die of boredom because you packed your book in your checked in luggage. Ever thought about the people who are responsible for producing them? We have – so we had a chat with Susannah Pearce, the Acting Editor of O2 magazine, to find out more about working in content marketing and why you should consider a career in it.

Susannah did a degree in English Literature, then did a variety of work experience at publishers and events companies, to give her a wide range of skills and experience of different roles. She started off working for an independent magazine, before working at the BBC, then going to work in content marketing. “It was an exciting time to be going into that, actually because a lot of brands were starting to go multiplatform so we were doing website launches, videos and it was all going multi-channel,” she says. “It was a real time of expansion and loads of stuff happening online.”

She’s worked on a range of different brands and is now a freelancer at Cedar, a creative and commercial content marketing company, where she’s been involved in a number of projects, including O2 magazine and the Tesco Mum of the Year Awards. “It was really exciting doing events as well as online and video,” she says.

There’s never a dull day in content marketing – Susannah’s days are very varied. She can be doing anything from contacting celebrities agencies, to looking at print proofs, to sorting out spreadsheets, schedules, and invoices. Her role requires her to be very creative in coming up with big ideas for bringing the brand ahead, but also an organisational genius to plan ahead for future issues.

Think you fancy a career in content marketing? Well, we’ve got some good news for you. Susannah’s looking for someone to do work experience with O2 magazine next week. And she has just one thing she wants to see from applicants: “Enthusiasm is the most important thing, even if you haven’t got much experience before, if you’re willing to roll up your sleeves and get involved and do any job no matter how big or small, that’s how you make a good impression. And at the work experience stage I think it’s all about making a good impression, trying your hardest and just doing as much as you can.”

Susannah says that you should consider a career in content marketing because it’s a really creative field, and it’s about coming up with relative and interesting ideas that customers can engage with. “It really stretches you to think about your audience and what they want, as well as your client’s objective,” she says. “So in a way it makes you better at your job because you have to think about how and why you’re doing things to get the result you need. It’s all about communication.”

If you want to work with Susannah and her team on O2 magazine next week, head over to the opportunities pages and get your application in quickly – the opportunity closes on Sunday.