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Want to make it in music? Us too. That’s why we’ve decided to scrap April as a month (soz traditional calendar, we’ve gone rogue) and rename it Music Month. Throughout Music Month we’ll be hosting unique opportunities for aspiring performers hoping to move another step in the right direction (and then break America and become massively famous shortly afterwards).

We kicked off Music Month with our Get Into Music event and right now on the website we’re also bringing you the chance to get a £500 grant to kick start a music project to help your community (whether that’s unsigned young artists in your area, disabled people, the elderly… the possibilities are endless!)

Later this month, we’ll be hosting an event aimed at helping aspiring musicians and performers to break into the industry, with tips and tricks from people who’ve been there, done that.

Then, we’ll top it all off with a one of a kind partnership with the industry insiders at Ultimate Artists to bring you guys an exclusive performance masterclass. On the day you’ll learn from music professionals including Little Mix’s vocal coach, and some of you will even get the chance to audition for a scholarship place on an even more intensive performance masterclass with Ultimate Artists that lasts a whopping ten days!

To get a taste of what’s in store, take a look below at what we learned when we teamed up with Certified UK and The Record Shop to host a Get Into Music event at O2′s Store of the Future at Westfield….

1. Not got a studio? Not an excuse

The Record Shop can help. When Mary, Founder of The Record Shop, realised there were loads of talented young artists out there without access to a recording studio, she decided to do something about it. We funded her big idea and The Record Shop was born! Now, they’re offering FREE sessions at their pop up recording studio and music workshops as part of their artist development programme. Take a look.

2. You don’t need loads of cash to make a beat

The Record Shop showed us that there’s loads of free samples and tools out there online. Plus, the O2 Gurus revealed just how simple it is to make a beat using the tech we use everyday. Turns out, you can produce tracks from a tablet or phone! Move over Calvin Harris.

3. The internet is your friend

After a performance by the incredible Emma Vie, the singer and beat-maker shared her tips. She told us that social media is a great way to connect with fellow music pros that you admire and that she connected with a producer for her latest track via Twitter.

The Record Shop team agreed. “Everything you want to know is a quick Google away,” they told us. Not sure what tool to use to make a certain sound? Looking for tutorials? Want inspiration? Start typing in that search bar….

4. It’s all about good work ethic

When it comes to breaking through in the music industry, our panelists agreed that working hard is just as important as having musical talent.

“I don’t have a 9-5,” said Nick, Founder of Certified UK. “I have when I wake up ’til when I go to sleep”.

The same goes for the team you pick.When hiring people or finding volunteers to help you out, Mary said: “work ethic is key, if you’ve got loads of talent but no work ethic you’ll get nowhere.”

5. Put yourself out there

“I make music for Nike and Cheetos,” Hervé from The Record Shop told us. “I’ve never once given out a CV”. In the world of music, people don’t just wanna see where you’ve worked or what you did at school, they want to hear your sound. Not set up a SoundCloud or a YouTube channel yet? Get on it! “The more you put music on YouTube, the more you put music on SoundCloud, the more you keep on grinding, the more will come to you,” added Hervé.

AJ from The Record Shop agreed. He said one of the biggest strengths of our generation is that we already know how social media works, what people like us are looking for on social, and how to reach people organically. To give your music an extra push, he suggested investing in marketing, “even if it’s £5 a week for Instagram ads”.


If you’ve got an idea like Mary or Nick and want to start a music project, find out how we could give you £500 to make it happen, here

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