Offices are getting arty, and it’s not just because it looks pretty – apparently the office environment affects how well people work. The Metro today reported that six out of ten companies said art stimulates creativity, and 90% display some form of art in their offices.

Whether your freelancing or jobhunting, we got some advice on how to follow suit and boost your own workspace from the people at O2 Telefonica who work in their weird and wonderful Slough offices. No, really. One of their meeting rooms is covered in grass. It’s amazing. 

Vary your seating

“I like the different seating areas – big black sofas, beanbags, strange stools etc – because you can mix it up a bit,” says Jess Comerford, a member of O2′s Think Big Environment team. Sitting at a straight-backed chair all day is not only dull, but can lead to bad posture so, if you’re freelancing or jobhunting, move from the chair to the sofa. Lounge on a beanbag. Liven up your bottom’s working day a bit. 

Fill the walls with things that inspire you 

To celebrate O2′s Beyonce campaign, they’ve adorned the walls with Queen Bey. “The average person spends around 90,000 hours at work over their lifetime, so I think a little bit of decoration never hurt anyone. And who doesn’t want Beyonce on their wall?!” says Megan Ranger, the Think Big Marketing intern. Having something to look at, whether it’s a role model (like Beyonce) or some motivational quotes will give you a boost when you’re tired and procrastinating… 

Work near a window

The O2 offices are pretty much all window: “I always feel like it’s bright and open and not like I am locked away in a corner on the computer missing the entire day,” says Jess. “Especially in winter when it’s dark on the way to and from work. Considering most people are stuck at a desk all day, looking at nothing more than plain grey walls makes you feel even more stodgy and dull!” So move your desk as close to natural light as possible – you’ll get your vitamin D plus it’ll make you feel less hemmed in.

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