If you’re not sure what to do after school or college, but think that university may not be for you, we might just have the perfect solution. O2 have apprenticeships up for grabs all across the company, in roles including; Project Management, SustainabilityMarket Insights and more. The scheme gives you a chance to get a qualification, get some experience in a massive and well-respected company, and earn some cash, all at the same time. Applications are open now, so we decided to ask some former O2 apprentices how to stand out during the application process. Take a look at their tips below…

Be Creative

creative genius

“I think that the main thing is to be yourself and be creative,” Amanda Edwards, a Customer Support Advisor told us. Amanda started out at O2 as an apprentice Account Manager.

When it comes to assessment centres she says: “make your presentations something that they haven’t seen before. Talking about things like what motivates you, and what your passions are will make you stand out from the crowd and show O2 that you will be a valuable asset to the company.”

Do your research


“Research is key. Know the business that you’re applying for, and be inquisitive during interviews to find out more,” says Mark McWhirter, O2’s Service Manager and former Service Management apprentice. “I’d never leave an interview without asking some kind of question, but also be prepared to be challenged during that interview.”

“If you’ve got an assessment centre that you need to attend, be prepared to impress every second of that day (even during lunch). Don’t sit back quietly and allow others to dictate, stand up for yourself and be heard. They’re looking for the future leaders of this business after all, and if you let other people lead the way, you’re going to be forgotten.”

Demonstrate your love for tech


“When a young person applies for O2 they just need to demonstrate their love for technology and passion for helping people,” says Sales Advisor and former apprentice Saif Miah. “They should be creative in the way they show this.”

“I think it really helps to be passionate about what we do,” agrees William Wade, a Project Analyst who works in the Service Experience Management Centre. “You don’t have to think that cell-site repairs or billing platforms are exciting, but understanding the sort of service our customers expect is the first step to delivering it!”

Be Yourself

i like being weird

“When looking to impress, all I would say is: be yourself,” Daniel Martindale told us, he’s a Business Retention Advisor at O2 and has worked his way up the ladder after starting off as an apprentice ADM (Account Desk Manager). “If you try and be something you are not, eventually it will catch up with you. Just don’t worry about things really, at the end of the day it’s not the end of the world!”

Be Confident


“A young person applying to be an apprentice and looking to impress needs to show they are confident, and you need to think outside the box,” says Daniel. “Make it so they can’t ignore you, and make sure they know your name. Introduce yourself and be a presence in the room, the rest will work itself out I’m sure!”

“If I have one piece of advice for someone who may be nervous, it’s don’t be,” adds Daniel. “You guys are young and have the world at your feet. I understand that the case of entering a job in a big global company like O2 can be slightly nerve wracking, but everyone started off somewhere. Working in a business like this naturally fills you with confidence.”

“I also know that confidence is key,” says Saif “and asking relevant questions. I remember on my interview, I was so confident that I would get the job, and I guess it helped me to secure the role!”

Applications for O2 apprenticeships are open now, take a look at all of the available roles here

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