Many of us dream of living that entrepreneur life, but in order to do just that, well, we need a few entrepreneur tips, don’t we? The idea of hustling your way to the the top on your own terms by running your own business or juggling multiple projects without having to answer to a set schedule, is definitely appealing, but the idea of entrepreneurship is still shrouded in SO much mystery. What exactly does it take to become one? What do entrepreneurs even do besides think up, like, 20 amazing ideas a day over multiple cups of coffee, anyway?

Well at our Innovators event recently (see the video above!) we managed to pin down a few of these elusive geniuses for some entrepreneur tips.  They offered some epic insight that we took note of in the panel discussion and during an interview, so here’s a round-up of the best of it…

Anne-Marie Imafidon MBE, co-founder of Stemettes

On defining what an entrepreneur is: “It’s just someone who starts things and has those ideas and makes sure they come to fruition. I’m definitely an entrepreneur! Stemettes is my fourth or fifth social enterprise.”

Entrepreneur tips for getting work done: “So there is no such thing as a typical day – it’s incredibly reactive and it’s all about problem solving. For me, I plan each day around trying to make sure I don’t wear myself out too much, so it’s not too much of emails or too much of meetings or whatever. I try and keep a bit of balance but as I don’t do things by halves…it’s really hard!”

Top quote: “To be an entrepreneur today you should always be learning, and be comfortable learning because technology moves so fast.”

Alika, singer-songwriter and producer

On juggling rapping, singing and engineering at once: “I’ve honed each skill by focusing on one at a time and practising all the time whilst also making sure I had enough time for all of them. Writing was my foundation, so through doing that a lot, I also improve the rapping and engineering.”

On making sacrifices: “I’ve worked since I was 15, so I’ve got a hustle in me and I’ve made sure I didn’t quit.”

Top quote: “You can make a career out of anything, especially today. Be creative.”


Entrepreneur tips from (L-R); Bamz, Alika and Mathieu

Mathieu Ajan, Filmmaker and founder of media agency Teardusk

The best part about being an entrepreneur: “You get to learn something new every day and you’re really thrown out of your comfort zone.”

On relying on routine to help the creative process: “Entrepreneur tips are very personal and every entrepreneur is different. I like to work on the go so I don’t like to have too much structure, but I feel like I need structured people around me to sometimes keep me in check.”

Top quote: “Before you grow your business, you need to grow yourself first.”

Bamz, music producer, DJ and songwriter

Advice for 16 year-olds trying to make it in the music industry: “Have passion for what you do – it’s easy to get into something then not be completely in it and then lose sight of what you’d initially envisioned. Also make sure you have a good stable team and always keep working at your craft. Be patient, show gratitude.”

She offers entrepreneur tips for balancing more than one project at once: “I would say I try and schedule out a day and work within my mood. If I’m in the mood to write, I will focus on that – I don’t like forcing things. I try and segregate each thing and if and when there’s a time to bring it together I’ll do that. Sometimes it does get a bit overwhelming doing it all, so finding the time to re-calibrate can be difficult, but I try not to get too frantic and tell myself to allow myself time to do all of it.”

Top quote: “Sometimes you have to be selfish to be successful – not everyone understands your creative vision.”

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