This feature was written by Jaina Parmar…

Running a business isn’t just a job for old men in suits. In fact, recent reports show that more and more millennials are deciding to start their own business and create their own roles as CEO, rather than hunting for a job.

So we did a little bit of investigating. Check out what we discovered about BYOB (being your own boss, duh!) below…


“What inspired me to start my own business was knowing that I would be my own boss and doing something I would be passionate about,” Victoria Kaboyo, co-founder of Strive Base, told us. She co-founded her company while still studying at university, with recent graduate and Strive Base business partner, Faban Hibayu, to provide high quality business and fashion events for people aged 18-25.  “I think other young people should start their own business because it gives you the power of control and also you don’t have to wait to get a job from someone else”.

If you’re interested in entrepreneurship and starting your own social enterprise, why not check out our mates at O2′s Think Big programme. If you have an idea that could benefit your community, they’ll give you £300 and the support to get started. Plus, right now, O2′s Think Big are offering special £500 grants for anyone interested in starting a music project or a project to tackle cyber-bullying.

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