Finished school and not sure what to do next apart from the fact you’re definitely not getting involved in that uni malarkey? Want to earn some sweet sweet cash while you learn something new? Love your phone so much you take it to the loo? Stop. Right. There.

We have loooooooads of information about apprenticeships right here, but if you’re curious about what an apprenticeship at O2 HQ is really like and want to hear it from people who’ve been there and done that, don’t miss their Meet The Apprentice event. We caught up with Max, an Apprentice App Developer, and Anastasija, an Apprentice Data Analyst, who both went along to the event last year, to find out why they got involved…

Hey Max and Anastasija! What do you get up to at O2?

Max:My job title is Apprentice App Developer. This means I get to work with the app development teams to make adjustments on apps, or even create new apps for the business.”

Anastasija: “My job title is a ‘Data Analyst’ and, as the name suggests, it’s my job to  analyse data that my team generates on their platforms. I’m currently also responsible for access control to the User Data System which provides vital information to users from all over the business.”

So cool! And why did you decide to come along to the Meet The Apprentice event?

Max:I was previously working at Domino’s and I wanted to make a change in my life, to jump up to a job where I have unlimited room to grow in all directions. I wanted to know whether I was going to like the life of an apprentice and so I decided to go and find out the information I was looking for!”

Anastasija: “I had just completed my studies at college and was not sure what I wanted to do in future. This lead to me debating whether or not university would be the best idea for me. I knew apprenticeships would let me gain work experience, a qualification, regular pay and even the chance to be offered a job placement but I wanted to hear all about the apprenticeships from current and ex-apprentices to get the most insight and as many opinions as I could!”

What was the Meet The Apprentice event like?

Max: “When I arrived at Bath Road (O2’s head office) I was a little intimidated as I come from a rural background. But once I was introduced to people, I felt the very welcoming and family-like atmosphere which is throughout O2.”

“Whilst doing activities on the day, we were constantly meeting loads of apprentices and ex-apprentices. This allowed us to get the full story on what it’s like to be an apprentice. All in all I got the information I needed from the event and I felt strongly that I wanted to be a part of O2. I was very thankful to the apprentices!”

Anastasija: “The event was well organised and had activities to engage us with each other and presentations from the hosts who provided us with a vast amount of information about the various apprenticeships that O2 has to offer as well as a full tour of the O2 office! The event was full of young people like myself  and the opportunity to find out about the different apprenticeships available helped me to narrow down what I wanted to do in the future and lead me to apply and then offered the placement, here at O2!”

So would you encourage other people out there thinking about an apprenticeship to come along?

Max: “I would highly suggest young people to attend this event as it allows you to dip your toes into the world of becoming an apprentice without getting splashed! I believe going to the event had a positive effect on my application as O2 knew that I was being proactive about following that career path.

“I would also advise attendees to ask questions. Giving yourself information is key when making crucial decisions and this event is a massive opportunity to get some answers!”

Anastasija: “I believe the event helped me with my job application and I would strongly recommend to anyone considering doing an apprenticeship to come to this year’s Meet the Apprentice event. The atmosphere and the team running the event are very knowledgeable about apprenticeships, and give support and advice about the application!”

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