Film might seem like a bit of a sealed-off industry reserved for the types of posh people you see in the society pages of the Evening Standard or Tatler. But it’s not just the reserve of the rich and bored – there are opportunities out there right now! Including us currently giving you the fantastic opportunity to make a short film with our friends O2 and the BFI…and get this it will be screened at the London Film Festival!

The Bristol arm of the British Film Institute (BFI) Academy,  announced in early 2013, 35 people aged 16 to 19 can take part in FREE courses in film, with the opportunity to learn how films are made and brought to audiences. As well as getting to meet filmmakers and go to the cinema LOADS, lucky candidates will be able to get creative with their own ideas and develop them into showreels, gaining a Silver Arts Award. As well as being amazing for your CV, did we mention it is FREE? Plus, travel expenses can be paid up to £8 a day (depending on means-testing).

Film is worth getting into – in fact there are so few young people going into film that the British Association of Film and Television (BAFTA to you and I) have said that we’re due a bit of a crisis in the film industry. Much like the UK’s running low on engineers and maths teachers, the film industry is losing talent to other industries such as television, radio and games. There’s also a fear that certain people will be snapped up be other talents:  “talented young people from lower socio-economic backgrounds and women [are] at particular risk of being lost to these industries.”

But with the film industry being worth £4.6billion in 2011, there’s plenty of money going around, and it’s not like the people in the film industry (bar those actresses stripping years off of their ages) are getting any younger.

We recently spoke to a film expert at Empire – Ian Freer has worked in the film industry as well as writing about films for the magazine. You can read all of his advice on making it in the film industry without having a rich daddy.

Good luck! Do let us know if you ever need a date for the Oscars…

Image credit: m4tik