Having a bad day? Not as bad as these guys – if you haven’t seen Telegraph journalist Rhodri Marsden‘s Twitter feed, then you’re seriously missing out. People have been tweeting him their most embarrassingly work screw-ups, and the results were incredible. 

From celebrity-based awkwardness…

To the downright cringe-making… 

To the totally staggering 

Feel better about starting that new internship yet? If you’re still nervous, or just fancy a massive laugh, then check out Rhodri’s storify where he’s collected all the gold in one place. And, in the meantime, have a look at some of the GTB team’s embarrassing stories below for yet MORE clenchy awkwardness. And no, clenchy isn’t a word… but it totally should be.

“Trying to high-five the CEO of Bauer Media was pretty up there in terms of embarrassing..” – Sadie, Team Assistant

“The MD of the company asked me to write up a list of all the people on our floor including their titles. I understood titles as ‘Mr, Miss etc….’ not their work titles.” – Zoe, Project Manager

“I was late for my first day of interning at a magazine, put on my boyfriend’s tee shirt by accident and didn’t realise it said “TOWN DRUNK” until around 3pm..” – Stevie, staff writer

“When working in Woolworths as a Christmas Temp, if anyone asked me where someone was I would point in a vague direction and run away.” – Natalie, staff writer

“Someone who worked on the same floor forgot my name and was very apologetic. I acted mock-annoyed by saying ‘Well CHEERS Jen’ and it turned out her name was Jess.” – Dan, video content producer 

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