According to a poll carried out by the Evening Standard, 65% of the public would like to see the royal baby performing a normal paid job before taking on royal duties full time. And as Kate has finally gone into labour, we thought we’d take a look at what job the baby could grow up to have if he or she takes after its family.


One of the most obvious career paths for members of the royal family is to go into the military in some form. Prince William is currently an Operational Search and Rescue Captain in the RAF (although he’s due to end this shortly when his current tour of duty at RAF Valley finishes), and Prince Harry is an Apache Helicopter Commander and recently completed a tour of duty in Afghanistan. Will the royal baby follow in the footsteps of his or her dad and uncle and join the military?


Pippa Middleton writes an advice column for Waitrose magazine, and has recently joined Vanity Fair as a contributing editor, where in her first column she revealed her dreams of one day winning Wimbledon. If the royal baby takes after his or her Aunt Pippa, then maybe we could see columns about what it’s like to grow up knowing that one day you’ll be king or queen. Or, if the baby is really like Pippa, we could get some very useful cooking and party-hosting tips.


Both Princess Anne and her daughter Zara Phillips (now Zara Tindall and mum-to-be to the next royal baby) have both competed in Olympics equestrian events – Zara even came away with a silver medal at London 2012. We’re sure that, like most royals, the royal baby will learn to ride from a young age and will develop a keen interest in horses, so maybe we’ll see him or her competing in the 2036 Olympic Games.


Little known fact coming up here: Prince Charles once wrote a children’s book. Yep, that’s right, the first in line to the throne is in fact a published author. His book, ‘The Old Man of Lochnagar’ was published in 1980 and was later animated into a short film. It’s said that the story is one that Charles made up and used to tell his younger brothers. So if the royal baby takes after its granddad, we might get to hear more stories from royal bedtimes.


Prince Edward worked at a number of production companies in the late 1980s before launching his own television production company, Ardent Productions, in 1993. The company made a few successful television documentaries, including one about King Edward VIII that sold around the world. Sadly, the company wasn’t a huge success and closed down in 2009. However, the royal baby might have a better business brain than his or her great uncle, maybe we could see Royal Baby Inc. set up in the future.