CV tips from around the web: from video CVs to infographic CVs to avoiding common CV pitfalls, it’s time to up your Curriculum Vitae ante. 

Five Common CV Mistakes (Ideas Tap) 

Know them now. Refer to them often. Avoid them always. This classic Ideas Tap article will help prevent you falling at the first hurdle.. 

Five common CV mistakes- Ideastap


Want a punchy alternative to a Word document that makes potential employers go “he clearly has a good grasp on  new technologies and is on the pulse re: zeitgeisty and hip/trendy things”? Maybe opt for an infographic CV – CVgram, Kinzaa and are simple to use and look really, y’know, attractive: builds infographic CVs easily 


Kinzaa helps build infographic CVs easily too make your CV look attractive


Writing CVs for different types of graduate jobs (Target Jobs)

Setting out various styles tailored to various professions, this helpful how-to nails all the traditional skills of the written CV. A must-read. on writing different types of CVs

CV Writer App 

If you’re on the go, don’t have your CV to hand and need to send one out post haste, knock up a resume using this handy app. Easy to use, and easy to email your handiwork out from, this is a must for anyone planning to go travelling/leave the house. 

Download the CV Writer app

What are the alternative CV options? (

Having a CV in a variety of formats is now essential. This guide will help you wrap your head around PDFs, HTML, Flash and also touches on Video.. 

Monster on alternative CVs

How to make a Video CV (Inspiring Interns)

Going more in-depth with Video CVs, this lighthearted clip demonstrates what to do, and what not to do, when filming yourself for the delectation of a potential employer. It’s less weird, and more effective when it comes to employability, than we just made it sound. 

Four non-traditional ways to get killer resume feedback (Brazen Careerist)

It’s always a good idea to get others’ opinions on your CV before you send it out alongside a staggering cover letter (more on this next week…). Obvious options are your current boss and best mates but sometimes they’re otherwise engaged. Critiquing other people’s CVs no doubt. Thankfully, Brazen Careerist have it covered: 

Brazen Careerist on CV feedback


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