Well, here you are. Back at home in your own bed which has about fifty more sheets than your one at uni because who can ever be bothered to faff around with sheets when you’ve already spent at LEAST six hours trying to fit your duvet cover back on by turning it inside out and ending up inside it and falling into your shower because you’ve lost all control and GOD LET’S JUST SLEEP IN ONESIES IT’S SO MUCH EASIER.


During your first term you’ve realised how much your mum and dad have done for you. The cooking, the cleaning, the tidying, the organising, and you’ve vowed to appreciate them more when you return home. You’ll do the washing up after you’ve made a sandwich, and you’ll sort your clothes into darks and lights. You’ll clean the bathroom after you’ve showered, and you’ll offer to make dinner one night after your parents have had a long day at work. You get picked up at the station on your first day back, and you leave your suitcase in the car for your dad to get out as you leave your shoes for him to trip over in the porch and grab the remote off your brother to watch Come Dine With Me. WELCOME HOME, UNI STUDENT. 


The home comforts are all well and good, as are the mince pies pouring into your mouth by the dozen, but soon it will be 2013 and a whole new term of fresh modules. QUESTION: Did you get a diary for Christmas? If yes: OH GOOD. If no: WHY NOT. Go and get one in the sales. Let’s get rid of those bits of scrap paper floating around your bag and desk crammed with dates and deadlines. Have a diary. A nice posh one (or a Disney one like me. sorry not sorry.) to fill with such organisation that the universe might even collapse. But really, imagine how less stressed you’ll feel. You’re used to the workload of university now, and it might even get heavier, so a diary can help plan exactly when to down the jägers. 


In the spare time you’re oh so BRILLIANTLY going to create with this diary, make some room for socials. Go out with those in the same societies as you, or join some if you haven’t already, because they are the people you’re most likely to live with in years two and three. Yeah, that’s a thing soon, if you haven’t thinged it already. Buying a place for next year. Read up on the process of getting a place and utilise your uni’s letting system if they have one. Write down questions, hassle new friends to like your more than their other new friends, and book viewings. Oh, look at you. So grown up. I’m so proud you’ve turned into su…wait…no what are you doing…no get OFF the bus stop roof, it’s 5am, you look no BE CAREFUL. Oh. Oh you wrote this in your diary? As you were then. Carry on.


Let the attempts of serious stuff commence. *winces*