I visited Waitrose, my old workplace, last weekend. I ran over to till 52 and scooped it into my arms as we weeped with nostalgia. It beeped erratically as its heart rate quickened and printed off a receipt saying “I missed you and I love you. Fancy winning £500? Fill out our customer service survey online.”

Alas, we are parted until Christmas. But distance makes the heart grow fonder or something. Going back to work during the Christmas holidays was a quick decision, mostly because a Celebrations tin gets passed up and down the checkouts and we get to wear red aprons, but I do genuinely miss it. I think earning your own money is one of the best feelings, along with feeling like you’re a part of something or somewhere, which is how Waitrose made me feel.

There’s a lot of work to be done at university, so the holiday periods are a perfect time to concentrate on other things, like family PRESENTS AND MONEY. I joke (I don’t). But it really is a perfect time to think more about yourself and what you want. It can be easy to lose that at university. I’m going to go back to Waitrose to scan those turkeys hard, and go back to interacting with all different types of customers which can be challenging. University can be challenging, but real life in-the-moment challenges are even more so. And I’m so excited to potentially get a frozen chicken thrown at my face (that actually happened once, people take their chicken seriously).

I’m excited to carry on book writing too. That’s a thing that’s happening. That isn’t earning money or technically working, but a book and then MORE books is what I want at the end of all this kerfuffle. It’s motivating, too. Believing in anything is motivating, and I believe in this book. *feeds it Pringles whilst muttering, “we’ll fatten you out baby, don’t worry.”*

If anyone else is like-minded, remember that you don’t have to actually be working. You can just make plans or enquiries. Or even just think about what you want to do. That counts. I feel sorry now for the amount of people who will no doubt get spammed with pleading emails from me at Christmas as I make myself out be like the Dalai Lama or Yoda.

On a more practical level, earning money over Christmas will help massively with paying off your Christmas presents debt, tidying you over before your next loan comes in, and especially on putting a deposit down on a house for the second year because that’s going to come around quickly.

But let’s be honest, Elf is going to come before any attempts of earning money or kick-starting your career at Christmas. Elf > Everything in life past, present, and future.