I’ve got an agent.

Weren’t expecting that, were you. Threw that out there into the wild. Cat amongst the pigeons. Bombshell making you go, “Whhooaaaa, back up gurl, what you sayin’?” or something I don’t know you probably just raised your eyebrows whilst eating some toast.

But, I have. I really have. A living, breathing agent who’s not tied up under my bed for once! I mean what sorry no I didn’t say anything. Hmm? *shrugs* 

My poor, poor agent. I hope she’s ready for me to email her YouTube links of bears falling off trampolines and essays full of my weekly existential crises. I asked if I could add a smiley on the end of my signature on the contract. Her eye twitched and her hair turned grey there and then. I mean it’ll be fine, right? Doing this typing thing professionally. Getting jobs. Writing my book on a deadline. Having meetings where you have to tactically make a glass of water last the whole session. TOTALLY FINE. 

“UNI IS A DISTANT MEMORY, THEN.” I hear you cry, falling to your knees. BUT NO, BROTHER. NO. “PRAY TELL,” you exclaim, grabbing my ankles. “OH WISE ONE. WHAT QUEST HAS BEFALLEN YOU?” Wow this got dramatic very quickly. I’m not leaving university. Actually, I really like it here now. It’s feeling like, dare I say it…home (sorry mum). Yes, yes, smother me in “I told you so”s. Of course things were going to get better. Of course they were.

So, I’m carrying on with my degree and also, if you’ll pardon the pun and cliché, beginning a new, exciting, and huge chapter in my life. CHAPTER. Eh, get it. LIKE IN A BOOK. Yep, good. I am going to do both and it shall be glorious.

I give it a week until I start lying face down and dragging my body along the ground.

That’s a lie. Nothing’s going to change, apart from the fact I’m going to be a lot happier. I’m going to prove that you can go to university and still start your career. University doesn’t have to take over your life. You haven’t got to wait until you’re throwing that hat in the air and swishing your Ravenclaw (no one likes a show off, Gryffindor) graduation gown to DO things. I should have realised that before and stopped moaning about it. 

Look at me, being all positive and stuff. I forget I’ve only been here five months. That’s nothing. But it feels like years and I don’t really remember being sad before Christmas. Good, innit? THEY GROW UP SO FAST *dabs eyes*. I feel old on this site and all, what with new fresh meat blogging alongside us. COMPETITION. It’s on, new blogger. IT’S ON. (Disclaimer: I love new blogger Becky. I want to lick her face.)

I can confirm I am yet to use the phrase: Have your people call my people.