One for you WOTO fans, there. Most of you have no idea what I’m talking about. As per then. You just wait.

Remember a time of note passing? A time in your youth of making faces when the teacher’s back was turned and taking off your trousers but carrying on as normal. I mean, wait, what? Hmm, no didn’t say anything.

Those times are all but a distant memory at university, aren’t they? No fun, no games, no pretending to listen. It is a sad time. BUT WAIT. What light through yonder window breaks? My friends, my comrades, there is a solution.

“Louise, WHAT ON EARTH are you talking about?”


“Well, what is it?”



“Yeah alright, I am. A bit of calm, please.”

Warning: The phenomenon I am about to describe will ruin your degree and possibly your stomach muscles.

The Hand Matching Game, coined by YouTube duo Brad and Liam (aka WOTO), contains skill, wit, and secrecy. It is not for the faint hearted and most certainly not for the weak. It is a talent, and talent is what it is. You must be brave. You must have a strong heart and a wise soul. (Wise soul? I don’t even know now.)

You just have to make your hand into a weird shape and have your partner across the room copy it to be honest, it’s not hard.

Take yesterday, for example. In my morning seminar, my friend Katie was sitting opposite and her face was pained with boredom. I needed to relieve her. Up came my hand in a position only known to dinosaurs. Katie knew her destiny and her eyes locked on to my hand. I could hear the cogs whirring in her brain as she slowly morphed her hand into the shape of mine. The process took about five minutes. Once the position was secure and fixed, a short knowing nod ended the game and we carried on about our business. A success. No prize but a sense of achievement and smugness that you have a versatile hand like no other. Well done, hand. You have done well.

Not quite a success when one or both parties can’t take the hysteria and laugh. Or get cramp. And get caught out. And get told off like a 7 year old.

The fun isn’t over yet, guys. We have time. Balance the serious with the fun. Balance your index finger on your thumb. Hold it aloft and BE PROUD.

How to get a degree with Louise, part 475.

(For more ingenious distractions, check out WOTO on YouTube who hold all rights to The Hand Matching Game. Probably. I’m just trying to be all legal and professional to be honest.)