The Oscars have been and gone for another year. We’re missing all the gossip already but our newly developed crushes on Jennifer Lawrence are seeing us through for now. But we’ve also been thinking about how her nomination for Winter’s Bone in 2011 probably helped to springboard her to winning and landing in our hearts. And then we got thinking about how awards can help you in your career. (Yes, it’s a tenuous link, we know. But we have done a lot of thinking about Jennifer Lawrence.)

When we say awards we don’t really mean that 50m swimming badge you once got or the fact that you were Most Improved in your maths class in year 7. We’re talking about those big awards where you enter your work and impress someone who’s working in the industry you want to go into.

Our very own web producer Dan was awarded a highly commended in the NaSTA Awards for his documentary about Freshers’ Week when he was at uni. He reckons that awards can help launch you into your career. “I was told by people in the industry that this sort of thing is important,” he said. “Awards are proof that you’re good. You could walk into an interview and say ‘I can make videos and they’re good’ or you can say ‘I make videos and I’ve won this award for a video I’ve made’.”

We’ve also found some awards that you might be interested in entering. First, for those of you who are still at school, there’s the Shine School Media Awards. Your school can enter one newspaper, magazine or newsletter created by students at your school. There’s a load of categories where you could win: best cover, best design and layout, best editorial feature article, best overall editorial content, best newspaper, and loads more. All of the details about the Shine School Awards are available on their website, but you’ll have to be pretty quick about it as the deadline for entries is 28 March 2013.

For all you uni students, the NUS runs its own national awards each year. The categories aren’t limited to just media types, and the awards are widely recognised by a lot of employers. There’s loads of information about the awards on the website, but nominees do have to be entered by Student Union Officers, so if you’re interested go and have a chat with someone at your student union. And although the deadline isn’t until May, don’t leave it to the last minute!

And for those of you who aren’t at school or university, don’t worry. You haven’t missed out on the opportunity to win awards. If you’re a product design or advertising and marketing type under the age of 26, you can enter the Make Your Mark Category of the D&Ad Awards. It’s all about being creative and pitching yourself to your dream employer so get thinking. Don’t waste too much time thinking though, the deadline for entries is 20 March 2013.