Yes, we’re here to give you career advice and hopefully get you your dream job, but as Christmas approaches, fewer people are concerned with redrafting their CV, and more are concerned about with they’re Christmas shopping. Whether you’re a student coming home for Christmas or currently unemployed, there’s that thing you still have in common: a lack of cash.

December is notoriously a busy month, so we’re going to help you out. In that last-minute ‘I-haven’t-got-any-presents’ panic, cast your eyes on the below. Everything’s under ten quid and it’s all pretty fun stuff for the most important people in your lives (and those pesky secret Santa presents).


A safe option is to buy a lovely frame for the best pictures of you, your siblings, or the whole family together. It’s sure to give them that ‘aww I have such a wonderful family’ moment. Other options include staple tea and coffee gifts (a fancy infuser, and grow your own coffee), a look back at their retro games from school and a candle to make the house smell just lovely.


1. iPad notebook: £4.99, 2. Family photo frame: £5.99, 3. Whittard’s teapot infuser: £5, 4. Grow your own coffee plant: £10, 5. Retro game of Jacks: £5.50, 6. Simply home Yankee candle: £10.


Soz for all the pink ‘I HEART YOU’ gifts right here but you’ve probably sorted that big present for your boyfriend/girlfriend already, so here’s some extras. Grow your own snore ease if you cannot stand the snoring you have to put up with, and some smartphone gloves so you can keep in contact whatever the weather. The CD sleeve is a personal budgeting favourite – you do all the work and pop it in this for 80p to make it look all profesh.


1. Cable photo holder: £2.99, 2. Love on toast stamp: £4, 3. You are my cup of tea mug: £9.49, 4. Grow me ‘snore ease’: £5, 5. Smartphone gloves: £5.99, 6. Personalised letter press CD sleeve: 80p


No doubt you have countless photos of you and your friends, so print them out as Instagram photos for under a tenner! If you’re a student and at uni, the shot spinner is probably up your street, or if your friends are off travelling soon, the scratch map will no doubt make them happy (and you jealous). There;s also some at-home pamper equipment (because who really can afford a spa day!?), and an anti-gossiping spray if you want to clamp down on that for your New Year’s resolutions.


1. Travel edition scratch map; £8.99, 2. Anti-gossiping mouth spray: £4.99, 3. Shot spinner: £7.99, 4. Anatomicals face mask pack x 3: £3, 5. Quote mug and humbugs set: £4, 6. Instagram prints: £9.99

Secret Santa

The problem with work-themed secret Santa at your part-time job is you’re roped into buying a present for someone you barely know. Nice. Brownie in a jar might be nice for the baking fiends, or a personalised stress ball if you have your boss and want to make him laugh. And for that person who always moans they don’t have enough money, give them a sports car… (a grow your own one).

secret santa

1. YAY lunchbox: £6.99, 2. Wake up and smell the coffee travel mug: £9.50, 3. Brownie mix in a jar: £9.99, 4. Grow your own sports car: £2.99, 5. Vistaprint personalised stress ball: £6.37.

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