Environmental issues are already presenting challenges to how we live, but what are we doing about it? Digital technology can help create solutions and lead us to a greener, better world. As a generation, we have the innovation, skills and passion to drive positive change, so we want you to get thinking about the environmental problems we all face, and how digital tech can help solve them.

If you have got an idea to help the environment, such as improving energy efficiency, reducing waste or increasing recycling, and you are aged between 17 and 24, then you could apply for up to £10,000 from The Environment Now to bring your idea to life!

So what exactly is The Environment Now?

The Environment Now is an exciting new opportunity from our friends at O2’s Think Big that will fund 17-24 years olds up to £10,000 to create their unique digital ideas to help the environment, such as improving energy efficiency, reducing waste, or recycling. Successful applicants will get support from The Environment Now team, their own professional mentor and other sustainability partners and industry professionals.

The Environment Now programme is funded by O2 and the National Lottery through the Big Lottery Fund, and is part of the Our Bright Future programme. It is managed by the National Youth Agency.

What’s in it for me?

As well as offering a whopping 50 funding grants to get you lot started making your innovative ideas a reality, The Environment Now will also connect you with mentors and give you opportunities to gain work experience.

The team are hoping to go to as many colleges, universities and youth groups as they can to run their workshops (they’ve already hit Leeds, Birmingham and Grimsby and are planning visits to Edinburgh, Belfest, Bristol, Lincoln and Keele!) Once there, they hope to inspire the entrepreneurs of the future to use their knowledge and experience to create ideas that could make their world a better place.

The Thinkspiration workshops are informal and relaxed sessions, and are full of open discussion to encourage you to think outside the box and innovate together!


What kind of projects can get funding?

If you have an idea of how digital technology could help the environment, The Environment Now want to hear from you!

They’ve already funded projects like…

LettusGrow: a company on a mission to reduce food waste around the world through soil-free gardening.

Filamentive: a 3D printing filament business that needs money for experimentation, research and development into new recycled and recyclable materials.

Virtually There:  an app that will contain different virtual reality experiences highlighting the impact of global warming, waste and deforestation.

For more information on other projects The Environment Now have already funded, take a look here.


How can I apply?

Applications for funding are open until 14th November. Go to The Environment Now website to read the full criteria and apply for funding!

If you have any questions about funding or Thinkspiration events, you can contact the team at The Environment Now here.

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