According to a new survey, getting a job that makes you happy is the most important thing for jobseekers, and those who do childcare, gardening and scientific research are the happiest employees. How adorable. Take a look to see where your dream job ranks in the happiness stakes (or if ranks at all..)

Of course a lot of jobs are a means to an end (I used to waitress and, while I learned some great transferable skills, it wasn’t for me), but you might as well at least aim for a full-time job that makes you feel warm and fuzzy sometimes. If not all the time. Because all careers have ups and downs, right?

City & Guild’s survey found that people spending their days in labs, with kids and in the garden were the happiest (i.e. Scientific Research, Early Years and Childcare, Floristry and Gardening. Yes, floristry features in that list) with teaching and IT coming a close fourth and five.

Other jobs that ranked in the top ten included Engineering (Check out our feature, helpfully titled “WTF is Engineering?”), Nursing, Marketing and PR (Why not take a look here to find out WTF marketing is, or here for how to get into PR) plus Finance and Accountancy (come to this finance event to figure out what career paths it can open up for you!)- so if you’re good with numbers, caring for people, have the gift of the gab or love figuring out how things work then you’re in luck. If you’re none of these things then just get down the garden and become a florist. It’s probably a bit more complicated than that, but I’m not sure how getting into flower arranging works – perhaps I’ll investigate this further and compile a Florists 101 for next week.

Anyway, when choosing a career, it’s definitely important to figure out what will make you happy – 80% of people City & Guild’s spoke to said that happiness is the most important thing when it comes to a job, as well as getting on with your colleagues and feeling appreciated. Although, over a third admitted that their parents were the biggest inspiration when it came to career choices but hey, there’s nothing wrong with keeping it in the family! Talking of feeling needed, practical skills and vocational qualifications were also pretty big on students’ lists upon graduating, with only 39% of them looking to purely academic grades for help with jobs. Yes guys, it’s all about the work experience, internships and the stuff you do outside of school when it comes to landing that dream job.

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