Sophie Merritt contributed to this post while on work experience at GoThinkBig.

Last month (more specifically February 14th) was when YouTube first registered it’s domain name and oh the joy it’s brought us over those 10 years. From cats doing everything imaginable to Zoella, to the ability to watch Kanye gatecrash every awards speech and discover the next big artist before everyone else, it’s been our go-to site for pretty much everything. So what better excuse to share with you our top 10 best channels to help you with your job search or first venture into the workplace. Sit back, relax and subscribe to the best YouTube  channels for…


TEDxTalks is the home of procrastination but inspiring procrastination (so that’s ok). Whether you want motivation for your job hunt, need help making tough decisions or just want some inspiration to get the most out of life, TEDxTalks is where you’ll find it! From popular figures such as Rick Edwards and the late Steve Jobs, to people you’ve never heard of but really should, get discovering! TED videos are all around 20 minutes too so they’re perfect for kick-starting your day or giving you that 3pm pick-me-up. Just beware: you will get hooked!


If you’re thinking about volunteering there’s no better place to look than vInspired. Their aim is to help “you improve your skills, confidence and employability whilst doing the things you really care about” and they’ve got a range of programmes to help you get the most out of whatever it is that you want to do. Watch and be vInspired…


Where else can you expect the best career advice?! Our channel has a great mix of celebrity, case studies, expert advice on your chosen career path and sneak peeks into the career journeys of people including the Head of GoThinkBig, the CEO of O2, fashion designer William Tempest and former Editor of the Metro, Kenny Campbell! Oh and did we mention we’ve got a career coaching series on there too? And some amusing videos of when we’ve hit the streets to ask you your opinions. This is one channel you won’t regret subscribing to!


Vlogging is the new blogging and if you’re thinking about creating a channel or already have one, want to grow your audience or improve your content, than you need YouTube Creator Academy. As well as the basic things, they also have a handy series on how to make your videos earn you money so you can become the next Zoella (well, they don’t exactly say that) or just understand the way it all works a bit more.


We all need a break sometimes and what better way to relax than to visit BuzzFeed’s YouTube channel? From finding out why tea is better than coffee to what guys think of girl names and vice versa, from watching people try different types of food for the first time to people reading their old Facebook statuses, this channel is brilliant. Just remember to set a timer for 30 minutes later because you could easily spend a day watching everything on here, and laughing like a fool.


We love a good life hack as much as the next person, and because of that we love Mental Floss. Using Lego to make a handy phone stand? Dyeing eggs using a whisk to keep your hands clean? Eating a banana the non-traditional way to open it easier? Yes, all of these hacks and more are tested right here by the humorous John Green. ‘The John Green?’, I hear you say. Yes, in fact, the very same author of book-turned-film The Fault in our Stars. You can be sure to learn something new everyday on this channel and thus you’ll never be short of quirky water-cooler conversation topics.


Whatever your background and whatever your current situation, you’ve got loads of skills employers look for and this powerful video from The Prince’s Trust is here to point them out. Yes, it’s an advert designed to increase donations, but at the same time, it should also make you think about what skills you’re gaining in your everyday life that you don’t realise. Of course The Prince’s Trust also offer invaluable programmes to young people to help them in their career, which is just as important.


Whether you’re going through that dreaded revision stage and want to recap before exams or you just fancy learning something new, CrashCourse is the YouTube channel for you. Starring brothers Hank and John Green (yep, him again!), CrashCourse provides hundreds of mini-courses ranging from world history to astronomy. Each video is short and to the point, using entertaining animations to make learning about these topics interesting. Like the MentalFloss videos these can sometimes be a bit American – but they’re way more exciting than any of the British ones we found!


We all know unemployment can bring many negative consequences with it and since recently released figures from The Prince’s Trust show that anxiety and depression are most common among teenagers and young adults without jobs, we’ve been looking for tools to help you understand and manage your mental health issues. Enter WellCast – a twice-a-week, animated show that explores physical, emotional and mental paths to wellness, to help viewers understand their issues and find new ways to manage them.


If you consider yourself a bit of a creative and/or love discovering new inspiring, artistic talent, look no further than CreativeStation. This growing channel allows anyone from around the world to submit videos of their work to gain views and ultimately get themselves noticed. Accepting videos varying from paintings to digital designs, if you have creative flair and want to show off your work, CreativeStation’s 165,000 subscribers would be a great platform to start!

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