David Cameron is going to start checking CVs. We don’t know whose CVs, when he’ll be doing this or why, but he said “what politicians are quite good at actually is helping people, whether it’s interview skills or CV or just giving people a bit of confidence. Sam does a bit of that, I have done a bit in the past and hopefully do a bit more in the future.” Well, sorry David but we’ve beat you to it.

It’s a proven fact that catching your own typo is hard, and psychologist Tom Stafford told Wired: “When you’re writing, you’re trying to convey meaning. Your brain generalises simple, component parts like turning letters into words and words into sentences so it can focus on more complex tasks. We don’t catch every detail, we’re not like computers. We extract meaning.”

You might think your CV is amazing, but if it’s not getting you anywhere then you should probably find a second opinion. And a third. And here’s why.


Sandra Follett, Disclosure Manager, Telefonica UK: 

“It’s definitely beneficial to have someone check your CV, or even several people. It’s good to have another fresh eye on how it appears, how the layout looks, and all the general things like that.”

“If you’re getting someone more experienced, they will find points you’re not aware of, or even if you ask people you know to look over it. They might say ‘you haven’t emphasised this point enough’, etc. It’s also good to include hobbies and interests, it’s good when someone’s personality comes through in a CV and makes you want to meet them, it is something you consider as to whether or not they’d fit in a team.”

“Common mistakes include the length of CVs, and them wanting to put in too much detail and not making it very concise. Young people want to show off all their experiences but sometimes it’s not necessary to the job.”

Lucy Clacker, Sales and Service Change Delivery, Telefonica UK: 

“Having a full-time professional look at your CV is great, because they know what employers are looking for and what they key points are that make your CV stand out.”

“In general, if you make one small grammar or spelling mistake it’s such a tiny thing but can impact how an employer will perceive you and the quality of your application. For young people, it’s not something they have done before, so they don’t know best format, or how to sell themselves.”

“The first thing I look for is whether the CV is relevant to the job, so I look at their degree, qualifications and experience. Some young people have had part-time jobs, internships and been part of societies and it’s these things that set them apart, especially if they achieved something from it. But they don’t always show this.”

Helen Poole, Opportunities Manager, GoThinkBig:

“Getting your CV checked is essential in securing that dream job or work experience that can often seem so out of reach. If you’ve ever applied and thought to yourself ‘why didn’t they pick me?’ then it could be that your CV needs an overhaul. The content and layout of your CV can be the difference between getting that call or it getting binned. All too often we see the same mistakes, such as a cluttered CV, lack of detail, irrelevant work experience, that can easily be changed to make you stand out!”

“Coming to a GoThinkBig CV workshop will not only give you the opportunity to improve your CV, it’ll give you the opportunity to make your CV appealing for a particular industry. So whether it’s meeting the teams who pick work experience at Bauer Radio, getting your CV checked by a digital expert at O2, or having the GoThinkBig Editor give you some tips, you can ensure that your CV is going to stand out and get you one step closer to your dream career.”


Jessica-May Carroll had her CV checked by the GTB experts: “From having my CV checked and being given advice, my CV now looks fuller and more interesting. I was told to put information on it which I didn’t think I needed to go into much detail about, such as work experience. This might sound daft as it’s fairly obvious, but before I had written the minimum about what I had done. Now I have written about the skills I used and learned.”

James Nimmo: “Having GoThinkBig help me get my CV in shape was a real help to making sure it was exactly what employers would look for. Although I’ve spent a lot of time on my own CV, update it regularly and quite proud of the design, its look and its content, there were still a few things I’d not considered before and some content missing. The biggest help was making room to highlight my extra-curricular activities. I’m now confident that no matter where I send it and who reads it, they will be drawn in and want to keep reading. I used the updated one to apply for an opportunity through GoThinkBig and got it.”

Nadia Aror attended a Bauer CV clinic: “We were told that it is very important to show your personality on your CV, especially in creative industries. A good way to do that is to add colour or graphics/borders to your CV. We were also told to keep in mind that HR people are incredibly busy and look at a lot of CVs, so to bring your point across in the shortest way possible. Use bullet points, and bold headers so they know where to find what they’re looking for. I needed to find a way to stand out, and I think that the smallest changes in your CV can make a huge difference for the impression that a possible employer can have of you. I was offered a position as a voluntary producer at Shoreditch Radio right after altering my CV.”

Michelle Warner: “One of the most significant benefits is having advice tailored to your career path and experience; I personally was lacking in experience specific to the industry I was applying for but Helen gave me a few tips on how to make the most of what I had to show that my skills were transferable. Another huge benefit is that there are so many articles on the internet about how to write a CV but many are outdated or not appropriate to the job you may be applying for. By having your CV checked by a professional person, they’ll give you the most current advice about how to make your CV stand out. They will also know what current employers are looking for and what they may have seen before.”

Have we convinced you? We have a number of opportunities surrounding CV checking from the teams at Bauer, O2 and us lot. Get your CV perfect with the team at Bauer Radio, and make sure you keep checking back on our opportunities page for the up-to-date CV opps.

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