The Apprentice returns to our television screens tonight. Needless to say, we’re pretty excited to see how many times phrases like ‘I’m an overachiever’, ‘Failure is not in my vocabulary’, and ‘I exceed expectations’ are used. But it also got us thinking about what’s happened to past winners of the BBC series. So here’s the GoThinkBig guide to what winners of The Apprentice are up to now.

Ricky Martin

No, not the Latin singer, the one who won last year’s Apprentice. He won a £250,000 investment for his specialist recruitment company for science and technology jobs. Hyper Recruitment Solutions launched in Essex in October last year and is a great place to start looking if you’re after a science or technology job.

Tom Pellereau

The inventor failed to impress Lord Sugar in the final episode of 2011’s Apprentice with his idea to reinvent office chairs. But Lord Sugar was interested in another of his ideas, an s-shaped nail file and invested £250,000 with him. The Stylfile is now stocked by the likes of Sainsbury’s and Amazon. Tom’s also been working on a range of baby feeding accessories since winning the series.

Stella English

Stella was the last of the winners to be given a job with Lord Sugar (as opposed to the investment he now offers), but she claims that on her first day her boss Bordan Tkachuk informed her “there is no job.” She recently tried to sue Lord Sugar over a constructive dismissal claim, but she was unsuccessful. But she says that her career is just beginning and she is now planning to launch her own fashion label.

Yasmina Siadatan

Yasmina worked for Lord Sugar’s Amscreen Healthcare company, which supplies advertising and information screens to hospitals and GP’s surgeries, for a year. But after taking time off to have two children she was headhunted by former Dragon’s Den star James Caan and she now works for his private equity firm Hamilton Bradshaw.

Lee McQueen

Yep, Mr Reverse Pterodactyl himself, who phoned in sick on his first day in the job with Lord Sugar. After the year contract with Amscreen as the Development Director, Lee went on to set up a digital media business with Lord Sugar’s son Simon. Since then, he has founded the recruitment company Raw Talent Academy, helping young people start careers in sales and recruitment.

Simon Ambrose

The 2007 winner took a role with Lord Sugar’s property company, Amsprop and worked there for three years whilst studying as a chartered surveyor. He left in 2010 and since then, he has invested in a London restaurant, members club, and art gallery and owns and runs an event production company and has become a property developer. He describes his time working for Lord Sugar as a “unique experience”.

Michelle Dewberry

The only winner to work for Lord Sugar for less than a year. Since then she’s become a motivational speaker, Sky News breakfast TV columnist and a magazine columnist. She also runs a business consultancy and founded bargain deals website DailyChic.

Tim Campbell

The very first winner of The Apprentice – remember him? He worked for Amstrad for two years before making the ‘brave decision’ (his words) to leave and founded a social enterprise called Bright Ideas Trust to help young entrepreneurs from disadvantaged backgrounds. He is also a social enterprise ambassador for the government, London’s ambassador for training and enterprise and was made an MBE last year for his services to enterprise culture.

And one final BONUS ‘where are they now?’ STUART ‘THE BRAND’ BAGGS

You’ll definitely remember Stuart. Even if you don’t know any of the other winners or candidates of The Apprentice, you’ll know Stuart. He’s that really annoying one. The Brand. Well, unfortunately for him, he is the “most unemployable person in the whole country”. He claims that the show has harmed rather than helped his career prospects and he has not received any job offers since he was fired in week 11 of the 2010.

We’re looking forward to seeing what this year’s candidates will offer, beyond a lot of clichés and some hilarious arguments. Watch from 9pm on BBC One.

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