Recently, there was a big old hoo hah going around Facebook users because some people thought that private messages from 2007-2009 were showing up on their timelines. It was a false alarm, though, because back in the day, we posted silly things on each other’s walls that we wouldn’t DREAM of sharing right now.

Like haircuts and accessories, our social presences are constantly evolving and new measures of taste come in. Obviously you shouldn’t ever miss out on a job for something you said once back in 2007 at 3am after a drunken night out. But what if you want to have a job and have a Facebook account? Here are five tips:

1. Hide yourself from public searches 

 How to change your Facebook privacy settings

 How to change your Facebook privacy settings

How to change your Facebook privacy settings

2. If you don’t want to hide your cover/profile photos, then make them amenable. It’s all very well having photos of you pulling a moonie and status updates about how you’d rather eat poo than sit through Skyfall again, but people will judge you by your (Facebook) cover. You can’t hide it, so keep it clean e.g. LOLcats.

Embarassing status

3. Only add friends who you know won’t do you over. Or, if you have to, be vigilant about what you put out there. If you want to be offensive to your friends, there are billions of ways of contacting them, you don’t need the person who sat next to you while you did work experience at that big posh magazine reading it. (At the very least, put the most offensive stuff on someone else’s wall).

4. Do a cull. As you change, your friendships and your definitions of friendships change. Our very own Hipster Tipster, Stevie Martin, got rid of 400 people on Christmas day – not because she is lonely or sad or didn’t have a nice new dressing gown to schmaltz about in on Christmas day, but because she started thinking about the meaning of Christmas and realised that life is too short to keep in contact with people via Facebook when you can just add them back on LinkedIn if you don’t like them.

A good profile to have


5. A co-worker can’t complain about you being on Facebook all of the time as they’ll have to be on Facebook all of the time to see that you’ve been on Facebook all of the time. BUT, ease off of it in the workplace, and if you find yourself getting into arguments or heated debates on there, have a little word with yourself. It’s meant to be fun, and it’s much more fun when you’re not doing it at work when you’re all stressed. Plus, your boss can always notice you’re on it with a simple look over your shoulder.