Tech dominates so much of our lives, and if you’re anything like us, that literally goes on from dawn (when we wake up and instinctively check our emails, tweets and Whatsapp before we’ve even left bed), to dusk (you’ll find us scrolling through our newsfeeds on the way back from college and work). We can all admit that we’re totally in the throes of a tech addiction, yeah? But then again, being plugged into the digital world 24/7 doesn’t have to be for hedonism; social media can be turned into a business – all you need is a little bit of social media insight to get you on the right track. Once you’ve got it, you can obtain paid-for photos, blogs, sponsored travel and turn your personal life into a money-making personal brand!

Social media offers enterprising young people the chance to become influencers from their bedrooms; but of course, you have to work on raising your profile before you can get people to work with you… Step forward Love Island’s Marcel Somerville, who kindly shared his social media insight into how he has capitalised off his popularity since leaving the mega-popular ITV show. Read our interview with him below…

So Marcel, tell us about who you are (as if we don’t know already) and what the heck have you been up to since appearing on TV!

“My name’s Marcel Somerville, I used to be in a band called the Blazin’ Squad, just been on a show called Love Island! I’m currently working on a new music project, as I love rap music and see myself as a producer,  I’m also looking to start up my own clothing line and I’m also hopefully looking to put on a big club/music night soon!”

Wow, so you’re SUPER BUSY. Being a social media influencer definitely comes with great power, but also great responsibility so can you give us your top fives pieces of social media insight?

Marcel’s Social Insight tips

Social media insight; Marcel

1. Instagram is the one

“I never go a day without posting to Instagram; my favourite platform and the thing I use, without a shadow of a doubt everyday is Instagram. Writing stuff doesn’t always catch peoples’ eye… but if you put up a cool pic, Instagram is the best place for that. Also, always use your Insta story!”

2. Post with love

“You want to post often – so only commit to posting the ones you can spend time on. The last thing you want is for your fans to see a dead Twitter feed or an empty Youtube channel! I mean, obviously don’t just post a picture of your shoes, and don’t do it for the sake of it. Actually post things that will engage your fans because if you don’t continually post good content, you will lose momentum.”

3. Ignore the haters and the weirdos

“Have thick skin, don’t give your time to vulgar people and be wary of scammers and spammers. When me and Gaby first went out she got a lot of racist comments and so she’d name and shame them which was fair enough. But I tend to ignore the negative comments and if it’s anything vulgar, I don’t really want that on my page. You’ve got to have thick skin when you’re in the public eye.”

Social media insight; Marcel

Social media insight; Marcel

4. Don’t forget to be present

“I wouldn’t say you definitely have to social media detox but sometimes I’ll be with my friends and we all just have our heads down on Whatsapp. Like we’ll be on a road trip with all the boys going to Cardiff and all just be on our phones!

It’s mad because, back in the day, I remember when I had to call my friends on their house phone, I didn’t even have a watch so I’d check the clock at home and time it so hopefully my friends would be there when I was!”

5. Don’t underestimate the power of social media!

“When I was in Blazin’ squad, we had Myspace – that was the way of connecting with your fans. If Blazin’ squad were around now, we would have been all over social media – because we were young, we were current, we were new – but we came out just before the birth of the social media era. To put it into perspective – before I went to Love Island I had 2,000 followers and when I got off the island I had over a million followers.

I’ve only really been active on social media for about three months and if I post something now – over a million people are going to see it. If I want to promote an event, out of that million, maybe 10,000 people will be interested, and then only 2,000 will actually do something about it – but still, that reach is incredible. And I think that’s down to how much social media has grown and made famous people, even more famous.”


And if you’re still looking for tips to start out, Laura Lesser, O2′s social media lead tells us that you should stalk your competition first. She said; “it’s good to start by looking around at other people who have similar interests and passions to you, following and interacting with them when you genuinely have something to say or like. Follow hashtags based on your interests and engage with content and people to build up a number of followers with similar interests and passions to you. Post regularly and ensure your followers know what to expect with the type of posts you share.”  Good luck becoming insta-famous…

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