If you’re thinking of applying for these great opportunities with O2′s Talentum team (either on their graduate programme or as a year-long intern)  you may be invited for a video interview. Yes, an interview via video – it’s the future. But don’t worry, they aren’t as daunting as they seem.  Here are some top tips on how to wow in a video interview from Stanislava Zeitoun, campaign and planning manager at Talentum.


“It’s an interview and could be your one big opportunity, so it’s really important you carry out some research so your passion for our company comes across. But don’t prepare too much and read from notes; you wouldn’t do that in a normal face-to-face interview so a video interview is no different.”


“Take your time and speak clearly – you have plenty of time so try and use this to your advantage. It’s okay to be stumped so take your time and talk through your answer rather than rushing and not giving enough information.”


“Carry out your interview somewhere quiet, comfortable and where there will be no disruptions in the background. We don’t want to see your cat jumping across the table or your shower curtain in the background – that’s just weird. And do a test run to ensure everything’s working; check that you can hear and be heard and that you can see and be seen before you start.”


“Start your video interview by saying hello and introducing yourself. It’s always nice for the recruiter to see the candidate start with a smile as it shows that you’re comfortable and are enjoying the experience.”


Have certain scenarios and examples in mind which may be useful for your answers, from academia achievements and projects to extra-curricular activities and work experience. Try and emphasis your key skills and strengths through your answers, too.”


“Try to engage with your audience, be energetic, clear and have confidence in your answers – we want to be impressed!”

So now you know how to succeed in your video interview, apply for a role here!

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