Picture your parents giving you a careers talk and you probably think of something like ‘Why don’t you get a nice stable job as [insert a job you’d hate to do here]?’ and you sigh, roll your eyes, and have an inner monologue about how it’s your calling to be an expressive dancer, rather than a choice.

Not so!

Research has revealed that parents and their children agree on 8 out of 10 career choices, with the biggest overlap of agreement being a career as a Doctor (not sure if we needed a survey to tell us that part). Perhaps unsurprisingly, the job sector that was in the top 10 for children but not parents was the media.

The study by Capital One also revealed that over 50% of parents would encourage their children to start up their own business, which is great news for budding entrepreneurs.

The survey also showed that the world hasn’t gone totally mad, with 26% of parents said they wouldn’t be happy if their child tried to pursue a ‘career’ in reality TV. We can only hope that this doesn’t mean that 74% would approve of it – we’ve had enough Rylans and Joey Essex’s to last us a lifetime.

So it looks like your parents may be slightly more useful to you in your job hunt than previously thought. Although attitudes and job etiquette are ever changing, their fountain of knowledge may deliver some timeless tips that can help you on your way to career bliss.

So what do you think? Do you ask your parents about career advice? Or do you feel that the climate is too different from when they were hunting for their first job and they don’t understand? Let us know below.